Netherlands: Wildcat strike at DaimlerCrysler

Born NedCar plant
Born NedCar plant

Workers at the Born NedCar plant walked out yesterday in a row over job cuts. The Dutch manufacturer NedCar is a joint-venture of DaimlerCrysler and Mitsubishi.

Submitted by Steven. on April 4, 2006

In the plant in Born near Maastricht about 3,000 workers produce the Smart-ForFour and Mitsubishi Colt.

Daimler Crysler decided to stop selling the Smart-Forfour and Mitsubishi announced cutting one of the two shifts in the factory, in order to save 4.5 Million Euros a month.

This would result in 1,000 jobs being lost. On the 3rd of April workers of the morning shift staged a spontaneous strike in protest against the job cuts.

The union called for return to work and for patience till negotiations between union and management continue on the 12th of April.

From prol-position news #6 | 7/2006