Spontaneous strikes at Fiat Mirafiori, Italy, 2005

Short article about a brief wildcat strike at Fiat on 21 April 2005.

Submitted by Steven. on November 22, 2006

Today Turin saw another short and spontaneous strike of blue and white collar workers at the Fiat factory Mirafiori. Last week, on the 12th of April, an assembly which was supposed to prepare a four-hours general strike in the metal sector on the 15th of April turned into a spontaneous occupation of the avenue Corso Agnelli in front of the factory. Surprisingly many office workers took part in the action. One reason for the protest is the announcement of the management to transfer 1,300 workers into the ‘Cassa Integrazione’ (people are sent home for a certain period, they get a small compensation paid by the state). The office workers know that Fiat is in deep crisis and that the announced three month of ‘cassa integrazione’ won’t be management’s last measure. The strike today was also combined with an occupation of the avenue in front of Mirafiori; the workers want to extend their protest beyond the factory gates.

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