No Matter How Difficult - Julio "Comrade Z" Zuniga

Texas anarchist prisoner and IWOC member Julio "Comrade Z" Zuniga writes on the struggle against the Texas prison system. This article was first published by Mongoose Distro.

Submitted by R Totale on March 28, 2021

Direct action means industrial action directly by, for, and of the workers themselves, without the treacherous aid of labor misleaders or scheming politicians; a strike that is initiated, controlled and settled by the workers directly affected is direct action. Direct action is combined action, directly on the job to secure better job conditions. Direct action is industrial democracy.

If the workers of the world want to win all they have to do is recognize their own solidarity. They have nothing to do but fold their arms in their pockets then all the property of the capitalists. As long as the workers keep their hands in their pockets the capitalists cannot put theirs in there. With passive resistance, with the workers absolutely refusing to move, lying absolutely silent, they are more powerful than all the weapons and instruments that the other side has for attack.

“We believe the most violent thing the workers can do is when they quit work.”
-Adolf Lessig (1913), IWW

Fellow workers, this is the moment to put all your differences aside, in the name of humanity, in the name of fraternity, equality, and liberty. I took it upon myself to speak out against injustices against prisoners. It is why I sit in this single-man cell without any justice for stat repression, showing the men that “no matter what”, “no matter how difficult” the journey. Solidarity will triumph over anything the state can throw at me. Here I stand with Texas Local Charter wobblies on Darrington Slave Camp, and beaming with joy, that not only our charter formed, but another on a different unit. There are no words, men and women in TDCJ, to express how fuckin’ proud you make me. Courage, strength and lots of humor has pulled me through. There is “a time for everything”, and for us, the time has arrived to destroy this slavecatcher cult that is TDCJ.

Those days are long gone, and while everyone ele is moving with the time, Governor Greg “Neanderthal” Abott and his Trumpian sidekick Lt. Governor Dan “Caveman” Patrick are still taking advantage of the people and leaving them in the dark, literally, about their own capitalist agendas. Dark money is the reason why millions went cold, dark money used to grease neanderthals’ bank accounts, whether foreign or domestic. Still, our fight is with the draconian criminal justice system that is plagued with the same corruption. I’ve made some really disgusting discoveries about the system, fighting Dirty Darrington’s administration. But, one badass discovery was – TDCJ is full of shit. It’s not equipped to stop a mass movement from outside-in. I’ve called their bluffs and faded their tortures, and in the end, I’m still here, and those who dared to attack me while in a cage are no longer employed here. Wining and liberating myself is wonderful and I want that for all.

On March 16, 2021 TDCJ shake-down team in riot gear kill another black man on Darrington on the unit that is now officially an IWOC unit. Our people need to pay close attention to the slavecatcher tactics the state of Texas allows peon officers to use on the inmate. I am under state repression for report 15+ suicides under this same warden. Now, he’s gone the extra mile to try to scare the prison population with his coward-ass attack on us slaves. For this reason, I unite with you to abolish this shit, for this very reason. Now, you can try to lie and say it’s accidental, but reality shows it’s not. I’ve taken on physical attacks, threats of attack, torture, segregation, and faux-disciplinary cases just for reporting suicides, and since I do not scare easy or fear my oppressor, he has to prove to his peers that he’s a true thug.

Don’t let Darrington go down without taking a piece of it with you. We hold more power united as one than this coward-ass agency. Slave tactics are useless against solidarity. Please tell our families the slave plantation is killing slaves. It started with just assaulting slaves. Now, Warden Bruce Armstrong is a bonafide killer of slaves. Law of parties states if you are aware or in the vicinity of a murder, you too can be charged with murder. Not on Darrington, they just sweep it under the rug by lying to the victim’s family. The same tactic was used when 95 slave bodies were found in Sugarland, Texas at the hands of the same agency – TDCJ.

To the F-Line murder victim – REST IN POWER