The Northwood and Pinner hospital occupation, 1983

The Northwood and Pinner hospital, occupied
The Northwood and Pinner hospital, occupied

A very short history of the occupation of the small Northwood and Pinner hospital in London, which successfully prevented its proposed closure.

Submitted by Steven. on August 26, 2014

The local health authority was proposing to close Northwood and Pinner hospital on 31 October, 1983.

The workers, led by matron Jean Carey, a member of health workers' union COHSE (which later merged into Unison) occupied the hospital on Wednesday 26 October to oppose the closure and began the work-in the next day.

They ran the hospital themselves, until eventually the authority caved and agreed to keep the hospital open.

It then remained open until 2008.

The nearby Hayes Cottage hospital was also successfully occupied and saved from closure at the same time.

Information and images taken with thanks from Hayes People's History