Occupations of high schools in the Pas de Calais region

Reports from the burgeoning lycee (high school) occupations movement against the CPE in and around Lille.

Submitted by jef costello on March 24, 2006

There have been a series of occupations of schools across the region, we are trying to give as much information as possible on the occupations and the General Assemblies that have voted for them and for their continuation.

Lycee Fenelon: At a General Assembly attended by half of the school's 800 pupils, 300 voted to continue the blockade. It was agreed that final year students would be allowed through.

Lycee Pasteur: a vote agreed to continue the blockade. Although there has been a report that some students have been allowed in.

Lycee Montebello: the blockade continues.

Lycee Baggio: the blockade continues with 75% support at the most recent General Assembly. It has been agreed that final-year students will be allowed through.

Lycee Faidherbe: 51% of students have voted to continue the blockade until Wednesday. A new General Assembly has been called for Tuesday morning

Lycee Queneau: The Lycee had been blockaded for two weeks, with students voting to continue the blockade and with teachers supporting the continuation of strike action up until Thursday. Surprisingly, given that students had agreed to maintain the blockade until saturday, a poorly attended General Assembly, with only 200 out of 2000 students present, voted to end the blockade. It seems that students will respect the democratic decision until the next general assembly.

Lycee St. Adrien: the students have called for support in maintaining the blockade.

Lycee Beaupre: has been blockaded since Friday 17th. Students have voted to continue the blockade until saturday when a General Assembly will be held. Over 200 students attended demonstrations in Lille on tuesday 21st. The teachers and parents have called a demonstration in solidarity for the first of April.

We have reports of blockades at the following schools, we are currently searching for more details.

Arras: Lycee Robespierre

Avion: Lycee Picasso

Bruay la Buissière: Lycee Carnot and Lycee Mendes France

Beuvry: Lycee Yourcenar

Dunkirk: Lycee Angelier, Lycee Guynemer, Lycee Epid, Lycee Noordover, Lycee Europe, Lycee Jean Bart, Lycee Ile Jeanty, Lycee Vauban

Roubaix: Lycee Van der Meersch

Bethune: The IUT and the Lycees are all blockaded.

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