The One Big Union Monthly (January 1937)

Articles from the January 1937 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, with articles on fascism, sit-down strikes and the death of Francisco Ascaso. Contributors include Gefion, Tor Cedervall, William Macphee, Melvin W. Jackson, Charles Velsek, John Lind and Jim Seymour.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on September 1, 2014


-The Bridge by Gefion

-The News Guild: will it make papers report honestly on labor news?

-Capitalist democracy: why it must fail by Tor Cedervall

-The Canadian labor situation by William Macphee

-"Aw, sit down!: notes on a new era of direct action by Melvin W. Jackson

-Francisco Ascaso: the life, troubles and death of a Spanish worker (from CNT 'Boletin de informacion)

-Labor is on the move: an analysis of the labor struggles of 1936 by Charles Velsek

-Johnny comes home by John Lind

-Shall America go hungry?

-The roots of Spanish labor

-The dishwasher by Jim Seymour