An open letter to Graham Stanier (Director of Aftercare for the Jeremy Kyle Show)

An open letter to Graham Stanier - the Director of Aftercare on the Jeremy Kyle Show, asking how he reconciles who and what he claims to be with the disgusting anti-working class bear baiting that he participates in and profits from?

Submitted by working class … on November 1, 2013

Graham, I am given to understand that you are a mental health nurse registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council, a qualified Psychotherapist, and a member of the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies.

In your capacity as Director of Aftercare on the Jeremy Kyle show I wish to draw your attention to the following two documents. No doubt you are well versed with the content of both

NMC The Code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives

BACP Standards of Conduct, Performance, and Ethics

I am interested to know how you think your role on the Jeremy Kyle fits within the codes of practice that presumably to claim to work within. As a qualified and experienced healthcare professional surely your first thoughts should be the welfare of people you work with?

If you have watched one episode of Jeremy Kyle (if you can manage a whole one) then you have watched them all. The same core themes are apparent day in day out. It appears that the central idea of the programme is the ridicule and vilification of working class people by a puffed up tory faced public school boy who takes the piss out of his guest’s appearance, accent, intellect, relationships, sexual histories, and employment status. Particular venom is saved for women who may have had the audacity to have more than one sexual partner during their lifetime, and for people who have claimed benefits. Is it any wonder that prejudice towards people who have fallen on hard times, lost their jobs, or have a disability is on the rise when people like Jeremy Kyle continues to espouse his hatred towards them?

What particularly sticks in my craw is Jeremy Kyle’s attitudes towards people with several children who are struggling to make ends meet. He often makes reference to how things were difficult for his parents, how they struggled, but how they managed bringing up three children. What the slug forgets to mention is how his father was the Queen Mother’s personal secretary, and not exactly short of a few quid. I am sure you would agree that it is not exactly the same as bringing up three children on a run-down estate in Burnley with no money or prospects of work.

How many people with clear mental health problems, substance misuse issues, or openly intoxicated, has Jeremy Kyle screamed at and ridiculed, and chased of stage in floods of tears, whilst you just stand by and watch?

Graham, how can you be part of this, how can you let it happen, how can you stand next to a man who is screaming in the face of people who are distressed? Where is your professionalism? Where are your codes of conduct? Where is your basic humanity? How can you be part of exploiting vulnerable people just to make a few quid and boost viewing figures? What kind of man are you?

I know all about Jeremy Kyle - he is just a vile public school toff with a hatred of ordinary working class people, so I wouldn’t expect anything else. However, what about you? I thought you are supposed to be caring, a nurse, a therapist? What happened? Has the lure of a six figure income from ITV and your counselling practice changed how you view people?

I would be interested to hear how you reconcile who and what you claim to be with the disgusting anti-working class bear baiting that you participate in and profit from?

Should you wish to forward Graham this letter you can do so on twitter at @GrahamStanier1 or via email at



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Submitted by Insider on November 2, 2013

You have no idea how precisely accurate your comments about Kyle are. He does have a true hatred for anyone he considers to be below him. That covers almost all of us. The guests on his show whether council estate bums or disabled children are viewed by him as disgusting individuals yet he is skilled at using them. Everything he says and does has one end, to earn him that salary at the end of the month.

As for Stannier, he does care for people but he cares for the limelight and personal gain far more. Having been taken in by the glamour of TV the man will do and say anything to stay where he is.

Kyle will eventually be under the spotlight himself as subject matter. He is no angel and his past is catching up fast, mark my words. There are plenty of skeletons in that closet and it will only take one to open the floodgates.

I chose the username Insider for good reason. What I say above is true and based upon first hand knowledge and experience.

Noah Fence

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Submitted by Noah Fence on November 2, 2013

the slug

Hahahahaha! As soon as I saw his picture I thought 'fuck, what's that worm doing on here?' Still, I never was much cop at biology.

Insider wrote

Jeremy Kyle is so gonna get busted!

Christ, I hope so.


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Submitted by jfizz on November 3, 2013

Great letter.

Interesting to see the other work he does as 'backstage therapy'
'Fat Families' 'So You Want To Be A Single Parent' 'My Teens A Nightmare'
Seems his bile isnt limited to Jeremy Kyle.

Serge Forward

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Submitted by Serge Forward on November 3, 2013

Wow, he's a serial abuser. It's not just Jeremy Kyle, this twat makes a living with some of the rankest, shittest telly imaginable. What a horrible fucking specimen he is.


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Submitted by louisag on November 29, 2013

I watched this show on Thursday 28/11/2013 and was disgusted and distressed by the hideous bullying of a young female guest, who cried throughout the tirade. It seems to me that Mr Stanier knows his stuff and is knowledgeable and skilled in his chosen line of work. How he can reconcile this with the treatment of the show's guests is beyond me. I almost sat down and wrote a very similar letter to him. I think i will now make an attempt to contact him and urge everyone who feels likewise to do the same. I will also submit a general complaint about this show's/man's clear abuse of all guidelines.
Incidentally i worked as a counsellor and support worker for over thirty years. Most of my clients came from the same demographic as this show's. If i had spoken to my service users a la Gezza would have been dismissed and rightly so! Not that i ever wanted to abuse already abused people.

Gloria Smith

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Submitted by Gloria Smith on April 12, 2014

I agree with quite a lot of the letter sent to Graham Stanier, as Jeremy does talk too much as if he has had a bad up bringing, and how his parents struggled with three kids etc. It is said, day in, and day out, so has become a very boring statement because we have heard it Sooo many times. Give our ears a rest Jeremy and change the ruddy record. Go and spend time with these families who genuinely do struggle (not just because they claim benefits and can't be bothered working etc) but because their income is low due to rubbish wages or can't find work or even due to illnesses or disabilities and no company taking you on due to this, although they're not supposed to single people out, but they do. I struggled bringing up three children with a husband who had a drinking problem and would take time out of work to have a drink because someone might of borrowed a tool and not put it back into his tool box, and this lead to less money coming in. It was also a low income in general without taking days off, so we had to rely on help with tax credits, and I still had to stretch every penny to make sure my bills were paid, my kids had decent clothes, and buy my own clothes from a charity shop so they could have new (charity shops weren't as popular back when my kids were young tots, as they are today) and also made sure they had food in their tummies. I had to live with bare walls, no carpets and no ruddy kitchen (An old cooker, a made up sink unit, and a worktop propped up on old washers). That is struggling bringing up a family, and I can't see how Jeremy Kyle was brought up in that environment if his father was the the Queen mothers personal secretary so he really needs to shut his mouth, and put his brain in gear before he shoots off at those who might have well struggled genuinely, and find out facts first. I also get sick of him keep saying, look at me, look at me, when they are doing so and saying the same stuff over and over again. He needs to change his tactics and his vocabulary to something different instead of boring us with the same crap each day. Go out there Jeremy and meet those who are needy instead of slagging all the working class off because that is how it seems. You really do need to do your homework because we are not all the same just because we come from a poor background.


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Submitted by eddie865 on March 7, 2015

Graham stanier is a parasitic leach like his fucking bum chum jeremy kyle.they live on other peoples misery and just take the pure piss out of everyone wheter they are tossers or no.i dont wonder how many skeletons they both have in their closet but il bet theres plenty.graham is just kyles asslicking bum chum.i want to go on the kyle show so i can punch kyle right in the fucking gob and break his teeth or his jaw.graham to.come try and treat my anger issues graham.i fucking dare you

Serge Forward

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Submitted by Serge Forward on March 7, 2015

Fair play, eddie865, but please don't use the term "bum chum" like it's a bad thing.

Noah Fence

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Submitted by Noah Fence on March 7, 2015

I've been working in Devon and I saw on the frontward of the local rag that some young fella had gone on the show and the production team had insisted that he wore a shell suit. Kyle then went on to lambast him about what he was wearing throughout his appearance. What a wanker.

I honestly hope that one day he gets the Kevin Keegan treatment and someone batters the fuck out of him. Piece of fucking shit.


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Submitted by GerryG on March 15, 2017

Only just saw this letter, well done. I do hope those horrible people on that horrible show have seen it, esp Graham Stainer. IMO JK himself is a lost cause, the kind of person that has got so addicted to fame he will do anything to enhance(in his mind) his standing. JK a man that is ok with building his rep by slagging off people so much poorer(in every sense of the word) than him, well there is no hope for him but GS should/does know better. He calls people names every day using the second person to do it, as in, "she said you are a bit fat pig", well just repeating insults to others is no better or the same as abusing those ppl yet he will have from time to time an obese person on the show(for "The Help") and he will castigate people who call that person Fatty or whatever, what a hypocrite and again GS should know better. As for "the Help", a lot of what the JK show does is to put ppl in contact with the services in their areas that deal with issues like addiction, depression ect. These services already exist with no thanks to the JK show, they are mostly government funded or run by volunteers, yet JK likes to give all the credit to himself and Stainer. It is also odd(or Not) how addicts like herion, cocain, alcohol are slaughtered and the addicts accused of choosing to put the drug into their bodies like they have a choice ignoring the fact that any addiction is a disease, however when it comes to gambling the gambling addict gets far more lenient treatment. And now for the biggest con, The Lie Dectector Test, these test cannot be used in a court of Law for a very good reason, they are NOT reliable. There is a type of person that would always pass the lie dectector test and there is a type of person that will always fail the lie dectector test and then there is all the types of people in between. How that show can tear relationships, familys and friends apart based on that toy with JK screaming that the test is a million precent correct is an insult to us all. The show knows the test is not reliable and that is why you see the blue banner flash across the screen just before the result basically saying it is not 100% but the show gives out a very different message. A show that will destroy a family or marriage or whatever based on something they know is not 100% correct is beyond contempt, and again whatever about Jeremy Kyle, Graham Stainer should/does know better.