To our people and the public opinion

YPJ Statement

This statement was published by "General Command of the Women’s Protection Units" on 26.12.2023.

Submitted by heinhtetkyaw on December 27, 2023

The attacks carried out by the occupying fascist Turkish state are a result of a common policy of hegemonic powers. Today, in front of the entire world, the revolution of freedom, which has become the hope of the people, is subjected to attacks contrary to laws. These attacks by the Turkish state primarily target areas such as oil, services, factories, and the service infrastructure of the region. Our citizens have been martyred in these brutal attacks aimed at annihilating the peoples in the region.

Protecting the homeland is the reason for our existence and struggle. As Women’s Protection Units, we protected all human values through our struggle against ISIS. However, the Turkish state, which has failed politically, socially, and militarily, always attacks our regions like a savage wolf. The attacks of the Turkish state pose a threat to the peoples of the world as a whole. The silence of the international powers in the face of these attacks means approval of and reinforcement for ISIS.

Erdogan speaks of ethics and humanitarian standards in the war between Hamas and Israel. But the monstrous Turkish state, with its attacks on Rojava and the northeast of the country, has surpassed all kinds of brutal attacks witnessed by humanity throughout history. In the face of all the fascist violations of the Turkish state, our legitimate struggle will continue uninterrupted. Day by day, our people express their determination to protect and sustain the revolution. We call on our people to strengthen their organization to defeat Turkish fascism.

First, we would like to express our condolences to the families of our martyred citizens and to all our people, and we wish a speedy recovery to the wounded. Our revolution began with the will and determination of our people and with the support of freedom-seeking peoples around the world, reaching the meaning of the unity of peoples. We also say that the timid statements and positions issued by institutions and countries will not lead us to inevitable victory more than the resistance and will of our people themselves. On this basis, it is the sacred stance of our people who never surrender to the terrorism of the Turkish state. Let the entire world know that whoever tries to turn our country into hell will burn in the fire of that hell.

General Command of the Women’s Protection Units