PolyluxMarx: An Illustrated Workbook for Studying Marx’s Capital

PolyluxMarx: An Illustrated Workbook for Studying Marx’s Capital
Submitted by goodmanenaya on April 7, 2019

Reading Capital can be a daunting endeavor and most readers need guidance when tackling this complex work. PolyluxMarx provides such guidance. Developed by scholars and political activists associated with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Foundation), one of the leading political education institutions in Germany, this book has been field tested with groups studying Marx’s masterpiece over several years. It consists of a large set of PowerPoint presentations, combined with detailed annotations and suggestions for ways to discuss the material. Each page illustrates a central argument from Capital, provides helpful introductory texts, and supplies notes on methodology and teaching tips. PolyluxMarx is an ingeniously devised illustrated workbook that will help readers grasp the key arguments of Capital. It will prove invaluable to the curious reader of all ages, as well as to students, teachers, workers, activists, and study groups.



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Submitted by adri on April 7, 2019

Haven't looked through all this yet. I always thought it'd be useful having "Capital quizzes" and the likes to help establish an understanding of Marx's Capital, but I guess some of the "correct answers" could vary with different interpretations (could still ask basic questions like "what is relative and absolute surplus value?"). I think it's also an issue if you read stuff but never do anything with it, you'll just forget it, at least I will. Use it or lose it and all that, though if you do lose it, re-learning it shouldn't be as hard. I think it's important to apply what you read in some way, through discussions etc.