Prison Peninsula. About Guerrilla Attacks in Occupied Crimea


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Submitted by Thunderbird on June 10, 2022

The gloomy reality of total police despotism and criminal repression with the least disloyalty, took shape for Russia with the beginning of full-scale aggression the 24th of February this year, has been a daily occurrence for this annexed land since 2014. From the very first months in neo-tsarist empire, Crimea began to turn into one huge military base. No life prospects except for state service. Wages, quite high at the beginning of the occupation, gradually decline more and more. The inflow of anti-social elements from the mainland led to an increase in crime. Rigid bureaucracy, taxes on almost everything, permits are required everywhere (of course, with a corruption component). A completely deadening atmosphere for people with at least a little lively aspirations immediately led to a large flow of emigrants. We recently wrote how all of this is being imposed to the neighboring Kherson region - and even despite 8 years of eradicating any dissent, the occupying authorities fail to completely suppress subversive acts.

Crimean pensioner Valeria Goldenberg was sentenced recently in Sudak to two years in a settlement colony for desecration of the grave of 21 y/o Russian marine Valentin Isaichev killed during Ukrainian strike on the port in Berdiansk. The woman was arrested April 9. “Since I'm against the fact that Russia attacked Ukraine, then around April 4, 2022, when I found out that the servicemen had liberated Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel of the Kyiv region, I decided to pour blood over the grave of a Russian serviceman who fought and died on the territory of Ukraine. There, Russian militaries kill civilians", explained she her act. Valeria was born in Poltava and lived in Crimea since the 2000s. After the annexation, wanted to leave there, but did not it because of the unwillingness to live at her daughter's expense. The surname, by the way, is symbolic: she is a namesake of Grigory from the Narodnaya Volya shot death the Kharkov governor in 1879.

May 16, the building of Yevpatoria local administration was doused with blue and yellow paint in broad daylight. The security forces arrested 27 y/o media artist Bogdan Ziza the same day and posted a video with his "confession of guilt". A friend of the detainee says that Bogdan could have given a confession under pressure, his cousin in Kyiv tells that he is a pacifist and a very kind person, so "he did not understand all this cruelty". The FSB has started an investigation on the preparation of a terrorist attack and claims that Bogdan attempted to burn the building with a Molotov cocktail. He may be imprisoned for up to 15 years. Now Bogdan is in Simferopol pre-trial detention center, the address for letters is here.

On the night of May 28, as we already reported, an unidentified one climbed over the fence and entered the territory of the military enlistment office on Selvinsky str. in Simferopol, after which he threw a Molotov cocktail through the basement window. The bottle broke on the window bars and caused no damage to the building. The watchman on duty tried to detain the attacker, but he broke free and fled before the police arrived. Bottle fragments are seized.

On the night of June 5, there was an attempt to set fire to the village council of Pushkino. After a bottle with an incendiary mixture, there was a small fire in the room where the local deputies sit. No documents reportedly were damaged.

Two days later, was detained 25 y/o Aziz Fayzullaev (on the photo above). He allegedly "came to the local police station himself and told the investigators that he did it on his own initiative because of his disagreement with the conduct of a special operation in Ukraine". In the video with "sincere confession and repentance" recorded without lawyers, according to relatives, Aziz speaks in a manner unusual for him, gets worried, fiddles with his hands and, possibly, reads a pre-prepared text. Eyewitnesses say he was captured after a search of his parents' home. The lawyer, who was contacted by the parents immediately after the search, tried to get to him at the police station, but he was not allowed to see the client. During this time, a video with confessions was recorded.

It is not known where he was on the day of the arson, Aziz's sister noted, adding that the cops had long been interested in him. He was repeatedly warned about the inadmissibility of violating the law, the last one was on the eve of May 18 - Memorial Day for the Crimean Tatars deportation 1944. Now he is detained in Simferopol too.

Smaller direct actions take place across Crimea more regularly. As was stated April 23 by scum officious media Kerch FM, that night unknown ones cut all four wheels of a parked Z-car, and at that moment in Kerch there were already about 10 similar attacks. On May 6, the Crimean authorities told about the detention of two vandals broke the windows of Z-cars in Yevpatoria. A criminal case has been initiated on the fact of damage to property.

Previously, such cases also occurred in Simferopol and Sevastopol. In the second city, was captured a 27 y/o resident of the Moscow region, who hit the driver for Z-swastika on his vehicle. In another case, a 36 y/o resident of Sevastopol beat up a 69 y/o veteran of the FSB, also for this sticker on a car. Both of them were charged with beatings based on political hatred and enmity. In early April, we wrote about arrest of two guys in Sevastopol punctured tires of such cars or ripped the stickers off. Presumably, they were found so quickly because filmed their actions on mobile phones, which were also seized during the search. At the same time, according to our unofficial information, in fact they were taken only for refusing to be drafted into the Russian army.

Taking into account the many years cleansing of any opposition - liberal, nationalist, Islamist - in the peninsula, this anti-war protest looks first of all a manifestation of hate to the dictatorial order than expression of Ukrainian patriotism. Along with it, this dissatisfaction can really turn into nostalgia for the times before 2014. In any case, we see that Crimea is joining the same process that are taking place throughout Russia: the population is slowly waking up from a chauvinistic fury or philistine apathetic hibernation. And the more this territory will continue to be flooded with transports of dead invaders, including Crimean conscripts in the Black Sea Fleet, the more new steps to stop the nonsensical slaughter from below may be seen in the near future. We should agree with the remark of comrades from London:

"Such resistance is very important for anarchists, highlighting the ways in which we might stop our own governments from forcing us into massacring our neighbours, and such resistance complicates the common nationalist “us vs them” narratives used to justify such crimes. Hopefully this resistance grows and becomes more collective and organised. Loyalty to humanity often demands treason to the violent and inhumane institutions of state and capital".

In addition, see the following report on the women protests for release of the militants forcibly mobilized by the Putler proxies in Donbass.

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Crimea is for the working people, not for the imperial troops! Down with any state and long live social rebellion!