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Psychology of the Private Individual Critique of Bourgeois Consciousness
Table of contents (12 chapters)

A critique of bourgeois consciousness.

Submitted by Noa Rodman on October 2, 2017

The table of contents, with all sub-titles:

It can be read there, though each chapter (12 in total, divided over three parts) is on a separate page. The pdf-file is 56 pages. (The ePub file is not perfect; I simply put the pdf-file in a conversion site).

It appeared originally in 1981 by the Marxistische Gruppe (predecessor of Gegenstandpunkt) as Die Psychologie des bürgerlichen Individuums. Vom Fehler der bürgerlichen und vom Gegenstand einer materialistichen Psychologie. Here is an audio recording of a lecture from that time (in German) by its author Karl Held:


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Submitted by Noa Rodman on October 2, 2017

working link:

Would be nice to see some discussion of this. Perhaps an idea for anyone on a podcast-series – one episode for each of the 12 chapters?