Rail war in the Russia-Ukraine borderland: facts and its checking

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During this month, strange affairs began to occur suspiciously often on Russian communications. Is this the work of the revolutionary underground, or some special services' activity, or we see just accidental emergencies due to safety violations?

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Submitted by Thunderbird on April 25, 2022

In the first two weeks of April, there were a number of arsons to disable the railway lines in the Bryansk, Smolensk, Oryol and Kursk regions of the RF, which are the rear zone for this genocidal aggression. Incidents in the first two areas were claimed by the Belarusian nationalist group Busly Latsyats ("The Storks Are Flying").

"For slowing down the railway transportation of Putin's troops, as a result of successfully carried out sorties, signaling, centralization and blocking devices were destroyed in several places. Several signaling relay cabinets were destroyed. The occupier and his helpful lackeys will not rest, not on our Belarusian land, not at their home!"

On the night of today, as a result of a hitting either by drones or missiles, an oil depot and probably 120th Arsenal of the Main Rocket and Artillery Directorate flared up in Bryansk. Two objects, at a considerable distance from each other, caught fire with a difference of several minutes. Obviously, this seems to be a strike from the Ukrainian army. But a little earlier, on April 22, the railway was damaged in the direction of Bryansk military unit, along which equipment and ammunition are being transported to Ukraine. Local media say it was only because of the embankment was washed away:

A day earlier, at the Kreida station in Belgorod (several dozens of kilometers to the Ukrainian border), three wagons with soybeans overturned. You can see it on the title photo. According to the official version, there are no traces of sabotage, the cause was a technical malfunction of the track section - rotten sleepers. At the same time, Russian oppositional channel Stop the Wagons today states that it was the work of Russian partisans. Before it they have published a document in which the Directorate of Russian Railways obliges the heads of structural subdivisions to ensure interaction and informing the involved law enforcement agencies about a change in the degree of threat from illegal interference to the transport complex. From another their post:

"How does railway resistance work?
Unsystematic. Scattered. Without a single command center.
All around Russia!
A single person can stop a huge freight train - with the help of wire and rubber gloves.
And the less systematic and organized our work is, the more difficult it is to stop our protest."

On the morning of April 12, the governor of the Belgorod region reported about the explosion damaged the railway bridge in the Shebekinsky urban district near occupied Volchansk. These paths were used for passenger traffic, were not guarded, and there were no victims or injured. After four days, the damage was repaired:

On April 23, a hand-made bomb was found in a relay cabinet of the Bryansk railway. Experts came to the conclusion that in the relay cabinet there was an incendiary-type IED with a timer and a battery connected, presumably, to containers with gasoline. Traces of breaking into the relay cabinet, which is locked with a special key, were not found. The shift electrician who found the gift says he saw a suspicious man on a motorcycle in the forest near the site.

And that's in just one week!

Ukrainian officials does not comment on all this latest attacks but the destructiveness and regularity of such situations suggests that it was rather the raids of the AFU special forces than some local opponents of the war. Total police pressure and intimidation of the people in almost frontline Belgorod could not pass without result. Busly Latsyats, according to an interview with Yuliana Shemetovets, also don't know about such continuation of their early April actions, although she adds: "Perhaps some groups on Russian territory were finally inspired by the Belarusian resistance and also understood how to work". Moreover, guerrilla needs resources, which are available first of all to the state. Breaking of traffic lights and laying stones on rails hardly can change very much!

In this context, it should also be noted that Anarcho-Communists Combat Organization - Slobozhanshchyna claimed the arson attack on a cell tower in Belomestnoye (a village in Belgorod region) on the night of April 18. From their words, electric cables were wrapped in rags, doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire. "There have been a few challenges, particularly with photo and video recording. Preparatory actions and the whole operation have been analyzed and evaluated, decisions have been made on improving efficiency in the future. There's gonna be more, so stay tuned". In any local sources there are no proofs of this story, so we can only wait for the next materials.

However Russian anti-war activists have many targets for onslaught. Tonight, an unknown person unsuccessfully tried to set fire the police department's checkpoint in the Kosino-Ukhtomsky district of Moscow. A guy, dressed in beige pants and a blue hooded jacket, threw two Molotov cocktails at the police building. The bottles bounced off and hit the asphalt. A small fire was quickly extinguished, and next to the department, operatives found an inscription against military operations in Ukraine. The attacker is now being searched - a criminal case has already begun for “hooliganism”.

See also this investigation how looks this atmosphere of terror and mistrust preventing any borderland grassroots resistance in occupied northern part of the Kharkоv region as the particularly bright example.

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