Russia and Belarus. Successes in the rail war and not only. Part 3

Map of quiet guerilla in Belarus

New issue of the regular international survey from the frontline grassroots media in Kharkov. The barbarous fanatical destruction of Ukrainian cities refusing to give up by Russian missiles and aviation with the transition of hostilities into a protracted phase mean the possibility of involving the Belarusian army in the war due to the huge losses of the Russian. Previous reviews of anti-war struggle in these countries you could see here and here. To donate the authors and their local community you are welcome to this page.

Submitted by Thunderbird on March 24, 2022

As stated in the interview on March 19 Alexander Kamyshin, chairman of the board of Ukrainian Railways JSC, there is no railway communication between Belarus and Ukraine now. According to him, “gratitude for this should be said to honest Belarusian railway workers”. The official refused to specify from what date it is not available, but confirmed that the railway tracks were in a state of disrepair:

“I believe that there are still honest people among Belarusians, and especially among Belarusian railway workers, and I would not want to frame them for what is happening today among Belarusian railway workers. […] I am sure that honest people in this organization will be able to stop the work of the railways of Belarus in the direction of transportation of military trains towards Ukraine."

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The importance for Ukraine of stopping the railway communication through Belarus was previously stated by the Ukrainian presidential adviser Alexey Arestovich. On March 17, he called for a “total rail war” against the Russian military in the occupied territories:

“Disruption of the enemy's supply by rail (and this type of supply is the most effective) can radically change the situation in our favor, especially in the Crimea-Melitopol direction. In this direction, the enemy is supplying the group that is storming Mariupol.”

And he added to the Belarusians:

“By the way, such supplies can come from Belarus itself. It was not for nothing that the electric trains were repainted there... So, Belarusian brothers, if you are against this war, then do what you did best - a guerrilla rail war. And in Belarus itself, I emphasize, only on the routes of the transfer of Russian troops.”

The guerrilla rail war in Belarus is really doing well. The title picture shows sabotage on the Belarusian railway only in 2022. Belarusians have long been successfully conducting such sabotage to destabilize the dictatorial Lukachet regime and inflict economic damage on it, without any calls from Ukraine - they slow down the traffic of trains, blocking the work of semaphores with the a stretched wire, burn transformer boxes, arrange cyber attacks disabling the control system and ticket sales. And, of course, to help strike at the Putler army and prevent Belarus from being drawn into a shameful aggressive war is certainly a worthy task. We hope there will be brave people on the Russian territory too!

According to the Viasna Human Rights Center, eight people suspected of railway sabotage have been detained in Belarus since the beginning of the invasion. Those arrested face up to 15 years in prison for preparing a terrorist attack. The Belarusian Railway also may be subjected to a large-scale cleansing to get rid of "unreliable employees", writes the profile Telegram channel. First of all, may be fired those who work with “limited distribution” documentation or organize railway traffic. More info about the persecuted persons see here.

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At the same time, the spontaneous wave of anti-military protests in the RF at the turn of February and March has almost vanished at the moment. A week ago, in Kostroma, two unknown men tried to detain left-wing activist Dmitry Lezhnev. In 2021, this young worker was on trial for broken window in the United Russia office, he was found guilty and fined. "This time they are trying to accuse him of punctured tires, allegedly there was someone similar on the camera. Perhaps the car of some big shot was damaged, since the left-wing activist became the first suspect. The operatives came to Dmitry in civilian clothes, did not identify themselves, did not name his procedural status. Dmitry refused to go with them without a summons". According to Irina Shumilova familiar with him, that vehicle had the inscriptions Z and V - symbols of the invasion troops in Ukraine. After the refusal, he was left alone and did not get any official suspicion.

Some cases of mass rejection of the Russian occupiers to participate in the invasion also continue to be recorded - in the 155th brigade of the marine corps, since the beginning of the war, about 220 military personnel refused to take part in it. At least, this is stated in the operational summary of the Ukrainian General Staff from 18:00 on March 22. On this week, also was published а such snippet of interception where some Russian soldier tells another one that he does not want to be "expendable" and wrote a refusal together with 170 colleagues:

"Well, what, go to die? We are being taken home, will be judged, but it's better than to die..."

Keep it up guys! Shut down this massacre from below!

In addition, yesterday we presented a new material discovering embezzlement of humanitarian aid, overpricing of goods and other ways of robbing the population by large companies in our city under siege.