Reprinted Notice of Censorship

Unknown single-page document included on a microfilm reel with Revolt. Dated April 8, 1916.

Submitted by ineligible on September 14, 2017

Presumably, a notice published by Revolt which contains reprints of two letters from the U.S. Post Office informing them, in the first, that issues 1-7 were unmailable "under section 211 of the Criminal Code as amended by the Act of March 4, 1911" and, in the second, that the 8th issue was unmailable under the same code.

A short statement from Revolt follows:

Friends and Comrades:
All issues of REVOLT are suppressed by a secret order of the federal authorities.
We are not even allowed to send the REVOLT in closed envelopes - as first class mail matter.
We do not whine. The REVOLT is suppressed but not our spirit. We shall continue the fight in our own matter.

-REVOLT Publishing Ass'n

This "new publication" was probably The Social War, which was similarly short-lived.