Revenge of a Citibank worker

Saboteur from Office Space
Saboteur from Office Space

An IT worker with Citibank was jailed last week for deliberately downing 90% of the bank's network, following an unfavourable review with a manager.

Submitted by Steven. on August 1, 2016

The employee, 38-year-old Lennon Ray Brown, had been at the company as a contract worker then a full-time employee in February 2013.

Brown had a conversation with his supervisor about his work performance on 23 December, 2013. Later that day he transmitted a code and command to 10 core Citibank Global Control Centre routers, erasing most of the running configuration files in the routers and stopping connectivity to 90% of all Citibank networks across North America.

Shortly after, Brown texted a co-worker:

They was firing me. I just beat them to it. Nothing personal, the upper management need to see what they guys on the floor is capable of doing when they keep getting mistreated. I took one for the team. Sorry if I made my peers look bad, but sometimes it take something like what I did to wake the upper management up.

Unfortunately the company reported Brown to police, and on 25 July 2016 he was jailed for 21 months and ordered to pay over $77,000 in damages: a much more serious penalty then is almost ever given to company bosses who cause deaths of their employees through gross negligence.

One office worker and member of the Anarchist Federation told us:

We wholeheartedly support workplace sabotage, however if you do it you should make sure you don't get caught!


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