Russian anti-war attackers need your help!


Even one in the field can be a warrior. Title photo with the arson of the riot cops HQ is from Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Far East of the Russian Federation. International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners 23-30 August is coming to an end but these brave resisters deserve to be supported even if they are not anarchists!

Submitted by Thunderbird on August 29, 2022

Please support the authors of this rubric for humanitarian aid to civilian population in Kharkiv or campaign to restore local community of our neighbourhoods through joining this fundraising. Many thanks in advance!

On June 14, in Krasnodar, cops detained 46-year-old Igor Paskar who had tried to set fire to the Main Regional Directorate of the FSB the day before. He threw a Molotov cocktail at its front door. The foot mat near the entrance caught fire but the servicemen themselves were able to extinguish it. The suspect was handed over to FSB officers. He is a resident of the Volgograd region, tubes of blue and yellow paint were found on him (also there is an information that he painted his face in the colors of the Ukrainian flag). According to investigators, Pascar tried to burn the building out of hooligan motives.

On the same day, the detainee was charged with committing a “terrorist act”. He faces a sentence of 10 to 15 years in prison. Igor himself does not consider the action a terrorist act. With this gesture, he protested against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On August 25, additional charges appeared: on June 12, he reportedly set fire to a banner with the letter Z and the inscription “We don’t leave our own”. The investigator qualified this action as “vandalism” (Part 2 of Art. 214 of the Criminal Code).

The human rights project Zone of Solidarity concluded an agreement with a lawyer to defend Paskar, and in this month Felix Vertegel managed to visit him. Part of the amount for its payment was allocated by a friendly organization. However, more funds are needed to pay for a lawyer and transfers.

Another person previously featured in our reports is 50-year-old Vladimir Zolotariov. On June 4, he set fire to the Russian Guard's entrance in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, before trying to go inside. Next day he was detained. In March, several canisters of fuel were found in his car, but he was not charged at the time. Now, the man is charged with "violence against a representative of authority" and "attempting to commit an act of terrorism."

Vladimir also stated that his act was a performance to protest Russian invasion of Ukraine. He is interested in social anthropology and feminism, is against animal abuse, and likes to read fiction. Recently he had an opportunity to read Kir Bulychev, but in general the libraries in the pre-trial detention facility are very scarce. Vladimir is going to prove his innocence on the article on preparation for a terrorist act.

Zone of Solidarity found an advocate to provide Zolotarev with legal aid. It is necessary to raise 150,000 rubles, also money are needed to pay for monthly food parcels. Vladimir has no support from relatives and friends at the moment.

You can donate for both of them via PayPal: [email protected] (in the description of the transfer, please specify the surname of the addressee).

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Till all are free!