Santiago explodes as Chilean students demand education reform

The Chilean capital of Santiago has erupted this week as students demand a free education. Hundreds of protesters have been arrested following clashes with police.

Submitted by working class … on August 9, 2012

Over the last year, protests across Chile – demanding educational reform, have been a regular occurrence.

The government had implemented a banning order that made it illegal for any protest to take place, as it was feared they would result in violence.

Police have used water cannons, teargas, and batons to try and disperse thousands of protesting students. So far, there have been 472 arrests, and 36 police officers injured.

A student union leader has said that,

"I deeply regret what is happening today in the streets of Santiago, but the government's is responsible for this because of its indolence and silence to all the proposals of the student movement, We've tried all ways to reach out and have a dialogue."

The President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera – has refused to implement any radical changes to the education system, preferring to offer slight ‘tweaks’, rather than the sweeping changes demanded by the students.

Students are demanding that the wealthy pay more towards universities, and that the universities are returned to, not for profit, national ownership.

Typically, the government have denounced the protesters as just, “hooligans looking for trouble”, and refuse to accept that the protests have anything to do with education.

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Some students (apparently from FECH - which I think is the offish student union?) briefly occupied a TV news studio in protest against the media's coverage of their movement:

"They only focus on the violence..."


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