SchNEWSreader 1994/5


Anthology of the first 51 issues of SchNEWS + additional articles, cartoons etc.

Submitted by Fozzie on May 6, 2023

Where It All Began...

From the pilot edition edition right through the first year of SchNEWS featuring the first of many Crap Arrest Of The Weeks, the Criminal Justice Act 'Arrestometer', and a running commentary of resistance as the sections of the Criminal Justice Act come in attacking Travellers, Squatters, Hunt Sabs, Ravers, Protesters, Footie Fans and freedom in general. In the news was... Shoreham Live Animal Export protests, the end of the No-M11 Link Rd campaign, Pollok Free State anti-M77 protest in Glasgow, eviction of Stanworth Valley 'village in the trees' near Blackburn against the building of the M65, opencast mining protest camps in South Wales and much more...


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