On Schoolwork and the Struggle Against It - Harry Cleaver

“On Schoolwork and the Struggle Against It” is an article about the organisation of and resistance to the contemporary capitalist university by Harry Cleaver, a relatively well known autonomist Marxist and professor of economics at the University of Texas in Austin.

Submitted by bastarx on October 8, 2006

He wrote the essay as part of a response to the critique of his book Reading Capital Politically in the article “From operaismo to ‘autonomist Marxism’” in the 2002 edition of the British communist journal Aufheben.

Harry Cleaver has a website containing a large number of his interesting articles at:
http://www.eco.utexas.edu/facstaff/Cleaver and the Aufheben article is available at: www.geocities.com/aufheben2/auf_11_operaismo.html

Canberra, Australia
March 6 2004


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