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Charles Radcliffe arrested for producing fake dollar bills in protest against the Vietnam War. Internationale Situationniste #11 (October1967)

Submitted by Fozzie on April 6, 2023

Our comrade Charles Radcliffe was recently charged in London with issuing counterfeit money: this had to do with his participation in the production of a tract critical of America's war in Vietnam that had been illustrated with the image of a one dollar bill. The accusation seems to have come from a dossier drawn up by the CIA in Paris, and presented to the British authorities by the US ambassador to England, in order to convince them that Radcliffe's activity constituted an offence. It would therefore be completely erroneous to assume that this incident provides the Final Solution to the old semi-mythological questions raised now and again about the origins of our financial resources. After several months in hiding, Radcliffe is currently out on bail.

Translated by Reuben Keehan. From