The Situationist Times #7

A black and white photograph of a "Super Spaceways" pinball machine with various world cities marked on it, with the caption "Suddenly, you're somewhere else." Underneath the caption is the Pan Am logo. "

A selection of documents and correspondence relating to the unpublished final issue of Situationist Times. "The Pinball Issue".

Submitted by Fozzie on November 16, 2022

Selection of materials assembled for the planned Pinball issue of Situationist Times, including original photographs by Hans Brinkman, previously unpublished essays by Brinkman and the psychologist Joost Mathijsen, an inventory of pinball machines in Amsterdam, books and flyers, clippings from magazines and newspapers, as well as correspondence with prospective collaborators.

PDF courtesy of Monoskop. (Compressed PDF on Libcom, higher resolution at Monoskop).