Socialist Studies

Socialist Studies Harry Baldwin
Socialist Studies Harry Baldwin

Socialist Studies is a quarterly journal published since 1989 originally by Camden and North West London branches of the SPGB and subsequently the group of the same name formed by some of the members of the dissolved branches.

Submitted by jondwhite on January 26, 2018

Full complete archive.
Issues 2, 5, 6, 9-39 and 41-50 as scanned image-only PDFs (missing proofed transcriptions online).

Carrying obituaries for Hardy (Issue 17), Young (Issue 19), D'Arcy (Issue 39), May (Issue 50) and Baldwin (Issue 75).
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Submitted by Spikymike on October 26, 2018

'Socialist Studies' journal isn't all bad but the group showed itself to be in the worst sectarian and dogmatic tradition of it's former spgb host, and whilst some individuals such as 'Hardy' made useful contributions over his lifetime, more particularly in analysis of current economic issues, others such as the individual in that photo were in my opinion always an unhelpful and often destructive influence.


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Submitted by redschlog on November 17, 2018

All 106 issues of Socialist Studies online for me to read! Joy unabounded. Good job handguns aren't allowed in this country. I was looking around for one to shoot meself in the head. Socialist Studies was dire Spikymike (you're always far too nice). Among the positive attributes of the Socialist Standard is that it is accessible and appealing (in a mankymoo sort of way). Its splitist successor Studies was anything but. That puke yellow cover (based on what the old geezers remembered of the publication of their youth but unaware that the yellow cover was because the mag was sent raw through the post). No pictures or cartoons (unrelenting text whose font became bigger as elderly eyes failed). The articles on crude and dubiously interpreted Marxist economics (just like in the old days when folk would read any old shite). And the incessant sniping at the "Clapham clique". The saddest thing is that I've read about half of this dreck. I need to get out more.


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Submitted by Battlescarred on November 18, 2018

I think there's only 3 of them left now, is that right. All the rest have died,