Solidarity demo called after tenant assaulted at home by dodgy estate agents son

Following the assault of a Brighton Solidarity Federation member by Youngs Estate Agents owner David Pay, the tenant at the centre of the dispute was assaulted in his own home by Pay's son, Oliver, who had forcefully entered the premises. In response to these attempts at intimidation, Brighton Solfed are organising a solidarity protest this Saturday.

Submitted by Fall Back on May 30, 2018

A tenant, Patrick, organising with Brighton SolFed is in dispute with Youngs Estate Agents and Halls Estate Agents (which owns the premises that hosts Youngs' office) demanding compensation for the prolonged state of severe dilapidation in the flat, as well as for the repair work they had to carry out by themselves, which the agency had agreed to reimburse. Both Youngs and Halls have been unwilling to even acknowledge the grievance and enter any form of constructive dialogue.

On the evening of Friday 25th May, Patrick was assaulted by the son of the owner of his estate agency, David Pay at Youngs. The unplanned and unnotified visit by Oliver Pay, who is a former employee of Youngs and who appeared intoxicated, began with him forcefully entering Patrick's flat by kicking in the door, seriously injuring Patrick’s hand in the process. Having forced entry to the flat against Patrick's wishes, Oliver proceeded to assault him, only ceasing this physical contact when he realised there was a witness in the room. Oliver then began to make threats against Patrick, including a threat to defecate on Patrick's belongings and to cut his hair off. The junior Mr Pay followed these charming threats up with a threat to return with a larger group to inflict further physical violence were Patrick and ourselves to undertake a picket of Youngs the following day (Saturday 26th May). Patrick made a number of polite requests to Oliver to leave the property, which he consistently ignored, before eventually vacating the premises.

Join us this Saturday at Jubilee Square at 10.30am to let Halls and Youngs know: we won't be bullied! An injury to one is an injury to all! No eviction, no intimidation, pay compensation!

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Join the solidarity demonstration this Saturday, June 2.

Contact Brighton SolFed: [email protected]