Strikes and occupations across Egypt

Mansoura-Espana occupation in 2007.
Mansoura-Espana occupation in 2007.

Struggle continues developing across Egypt with strikes and sit-ins taking place in six different provinces around the countries.

Submitted by Ed on March 7, 2009

Many provinces this week witnessed strikes and sit-ins. In Menoufia, more than 3000 workers of Andrama Textiles staged a sit-in inside their factory in protest against not paying them their annual bonuses amounting to 228 working days, and failure to pay them the Prophet Mohammad's Anniversary bonus.

They called on President Mubarak to intervene and solve their problem, contending that the Indian owner is destroying the spinning and weaving industry in Egypt by selling the machines of the factory as scrap.

In Menya, more than 350 workers of Cotton Ginning have for the fourth time refused to take their February salary in protest against reducing it under the pretext of having achieved only 65% of the forecast. They called for the provision of raw material needed to operate the stalled machines, and the implementation of the President’s decree of May to disburse a 30% allowance of their basic salary. They also demanded 10% of the profits.

They said Masoud Rizq, Plant Director and Union Committee Chairman, tried to talk them out of their protest, which has outraged them and prompted them to continue their strike until their demands are met.

In Dakahlia, 150 female workers of Mansoura-Spain Garments yesterday went on strike in protest against suspending Factory Union Chairman Hamdi el-Maghrabi and against delaying their social allowances. They accused the United Bank and Yousri Maghazi, the main investor in the factory, and Plant Director Galal Sadek of pressuring the workers to leave so that they sell the plant without paying them their dues.

Sadek closed the gates of the factory while the workers were inside, and denied access to journalists.

In Qena, 250 workers of Hebei Medical Supplies stayed on strike for the fourth day in protest against not paying them their January and February salaries. Three of them fainted while on hunger strike.

In Port Said, 300 workers of Eurotex Clothing staged a sit-in in protest against ill-treatment by the management.

In Alexandria, scores of people staged a vigil in Saad Zaghloul Park in protest against the Municipality seizing their land under the pretext that it belongs to the Agricultural Reform Authority.

In Qalyubia, 3000 students of the Technology Institute yesterday went on strike in protest against Minister of Higher Education Dr. Hany Helal refusing to change its name to Faculty of Engineering and Technology.