Theory of misery: Misery of theory - Daniel Denevert (1973)

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"Report on the new conditions of revolutionary theory". A post-situationist text.


  • Theory of misery: Misery of theory - Daniel Denevert
  • For the intelligence of some aspects of the moment (extracts) - Daniel Denevert
  • Declaration concerning the Centre for Research on the Social Question - Francoise Bloch, Jeanne Charles, Joel Cornault, Daniel Denevert

Théorie de la misère/Misère de la théorie was published in November 1973.

Pour l'intelligence de quelques aspects du moment, written principally by Daniel Denevert, was originally published anonymously in January 1972. The present extracts comprise most of Part III of the original pamphlet.

Déclaration à propos du Centre de Recherche sur la Question Sociale was issued in April 1974 as a wall poster.

The texts in this pamphlet have been jointly translated and published by Robert Cooperstein, Dan Hammer and Ken Knabb, with the collaboration of Daniel Denevert.

PDF courtesy of Sabine Press.