Trans 101 for Wobblies

A great set of introductory guides to trans terminology, issues for trans people and trans issues as workers' rights issues. Produced by Fey, a trans member of the Industrial Workers of the World revolutionary union, nicknamed the "Wobblies".

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Thank you very much for posting! I must point out that the DSM5 isn't quite as oppressive as it may at first appear. "Gender Identity Disorder" was recategorised as "Gender Dysphoria" and the rationale provided was as follows:


We also debated and discussed the merit of placing this condition in a special category apart from (formerly Axis-I) psychiatric diagnoses to reflect its unusual status as a mental condition treated with cross-sex hormones, gender reassignment surgery, and social and legal transition to the desired gender (particularly with regard to adolescents and adults). We chose not to make any decision between its categorization as a psychiatric or a medical condition and wished to avoid jeopardizing either insurance coverage or treatment access (Drescher, 2010).

Will be sharing the post with the London branch.