Ukrainian anarchists take part in relief to population of the massacred Kyiv suburbs

Black Flag

Black Flag is an anarchist group mostly from West Ukraine well known since early 2016 for their involvement in social conflicts, street fight against the Nazis, protection of Lviv public spaces and development of horizontal cooperative economy. In the first days of the genocidal invasion they established an own platoon in the territorial defense of Kiev. For all details and questions you are welcome to their channel, also please support our digital media center via this page to help the civilian residents of Kharkiv being under shelling during all time of this madness.

Submitted by Thunderbird on April 7, 2022

"Long before the war, left-wing activists in Lviv worked on the Food is Right initiative. Today, due to the aggression of the Russian imperialists against Ukraine, food has become even less available, especially in the occupied or frontline territories.

Therefore, we left-wing activists who are in the ranks of the Armed Forces are proud to report that our comrades continue to support the initiative in Lviv, and our unit is engaged in food distribution in the liberated villages and towns of Kyiv region.

We understand that we will have a lot of work both during the war and after the victory, because it is impossible to watch without pain in our hearts as people in Irpin, Bucha or Gostomel start crying when they see bread. That's why we are strengthening the ranks!

Solidarity is first of all!"

“We live in a country with millions of poor people suffering from neoliberal policies, privatization of health care reforms. We are anarcho-communists because we believe in social justice, but now the priority is to save the civilian population. In addition to those who fight at the front, there are many more anarcho-communists who dedicate themselves to social support tasks such as distributing food to displaced due to the war and homeless people who were already in this situation before the invasion and whom we continue to find in parks of cities such as Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro or Zaporozhye.

Thanks to fellow socialists and anarchists in Russia who are fighting against the Putin regime, who go out to anti-war protests, for what they are arrested and imprisoned. And thanks for support and for the fight for freedom in some Ukrainian battalions. Truth wins, so Ukraine will win”.

Several days ago, as we see on the last photo, comrades saved an abandoned peacock from being eaten by a stray dog in Gostomel. He was taken to reliable hands of the Mezhyhirya Swan Rescue Center. Places of mass executions, torture and burials were found in this town too - not only in Bucha...

At last, we highly recommend you to read this winter historical investigation how libertarian rebels returned to Kharkov the first capital of the UkrSSR more than a century ago.

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Long live Anarchy!