United States - further reading guide

libcom's guide to further reading around the United States, its history, its colonial past and the struggles of workers, women, African Americans and other ordinary people.

Submitted by Steven. on January 29, 2010

A. General American History

*A People's History of the United States - Zinn
America's Revolutionary Heritage - Novack
*Contours of American History - W.A. Williams
*The Tragedy of American Diplomacy - W.A. Williams
Who Built America? (2 vols.) - H.C. Gutman
Letters To Americans, 1848-1895 - Marx/Engels
Lenin On The United States
The Politics of History - Zinn
Declarations of Independence - Zinn
Year 501 - N. Chomsky

1. Class and Power in The U.S.

*Who Rules America - Domhoff
Who Rules America Now - Domhoff
The Powers That Be – Domhoff
Critical Legal Theory – Kelman
*Inheriting Shame: Eugenics and Racism - Selden
Race & State in Capitalist Development - Greenberg
In the Shadow of the Poorhouse – M. Katz
What's Love Got To Do With It? A History of U.S. Charity - David Wagner
The Counselor as Gatekeeper – Erickson/Schultze
Power, Politics and Crime - Chambliss
Law, Order and Power - Chambliss/Seidman
Whose Law and What Order? A Conflict Approach to Crimnology - Chambliss/Mankoff
History of American Law - Friedman
Crime and punishment in American History - Friedman
A People's History of the Supreme Court - Irons
Race, Crime and Law - Kennedy
Black labor and The American Legal System - Hill
Black Robes, White Justice - Wright
Imagining The Law - Cantor
The Transformation of American Law, 2 Vols. - Horwitz
Crime and Punishment in America - Currie
A Primer in Radical Criminology - Lynch/Groves
Class, State and Crime - Quinney
Critique of Legal Order - Quinney
Capitalism, Patriarchy and Crime - Messerschmidt
Regulating the Poor – Cloward/Fox-Piven
*Sharing The Pie - Brouer
Classes - Erik Olin Wright
Wealth and Power in America - Kolko
Power and The Powerless - Parenti
The Power Elite - Mills
Power and Culture - H.C. Gutman
Militarism, U.S.A. - Donovan
Class And Conflict in American Society - Lejuene
Who Gets What From Government - Page

2. Native American History, General

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee - Brown
Black Elk Speaks
Black Hills/White Justice - Lazarus
The Conquest of America - Todorov
Capitalism and Conquest - Broue
Marxism and Native Americans - W. Churchill
The Slaveholding Indians - A. Abel
Red, White, and Black - G. Nash
Redskins, Ruffleshirts, and Rednecks - M. E. Young

Louise Erdrich
The Beet Queen
Love Medicine
The Bingo Palace

House Made of Dawn - Momaday
Ceremony - Silko
Creek Mary's Blood - Brown

3. African-American History, General

*Before the Mayflower - Bennett, Jr.
*Economics of Racism, U.S.A. - Perlo
*The Political Economy of The Black Ghetto - Tabb
*How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America - Marable
*Race Rebels - R.D.G. Kelley
Standing at Armageddon – Painter
Black Workers’ Struggles in Detroit’s Auto Industry - Fujita
American Socialism and Black Americans: From the Age of Jackson to World War II - Philip S. Foner
The Black Worker, 8 Vols. - Philip S. Foner
In Red and Black: Marxian Explorations in Southern and Afro-American History - E. Genovese
From Plantation to Ghetto - Meier/Rudwick
Chronicles of Black Protest - Chambers
The Wages of Whiteness - Roediger
The Rise and Fall of the White Republic - Saxon
Black Protest – Grant
Critical Race Theory -
Black Resistance/White Law - M.F. Berry
Black Self-Determination - Franklin
Neither Black Nor White - Macmillan
Civil Rights and African-Americans - Blaustein/Zangrando, Eds.
The Making of Black America, 2 vols. - Meier/Rudwick, Eds.
*A Documentary History of The Negro People in the U.S., vols. 1-7 - Aptheker

4. Organized Labor, General

*Labor Wars - Lens
*Strike - Brecker
100 Years of Labor in the U.S.A. - Guerrin
*The Negro and The American Labor Movement - Jacobson, Ed.
*Women and The American Labor Movement - Foner
*Organized Labor and The Black Worker - P. Foner
A Short History of Labor Conditions under Capitalism in the United States of America, 1789-1946 - Kuczynski
Our Own Time - Roediger/Foner
Yankee Unions, Go Home! - J. Scott
The Second Shift: Working Parents and the Revolution at Home - Hochschild
The War On Labor and The Left - P. Cayo Sexton
All Day, Every Day - Westwood
Sparrows Point - M. Reutter
The Crisis of American Labor - Lens
American Labor Struggles - Yellen
*Labor's Untold Story - Boyer/Morais

5. Women's History, General

*Women, Work and Protest - Milkman
*Century of Struggle – Flexner
Women’s Legacy: Essays in Race, Sex and Class in American History – B. Aptheker
We Were There - Barbara Mayer Wertheimer
Sex, Race and the Role of Women in the South – Janiewski
Between Women – Domestics and Their Employers – J. Rollins
Women in Movement - Sheila Rowbotham
Women and the Politics of Empowerment – Bookman/Morgen, Eds.
Women and The American Labor Movement - P. Foner
*When and Where I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America - P. Giddings
Out to Work - Kessler-Harris
Issei, Nisei, War Bride: Three Generations of Japanese American Women in Domestic Service – E. Nakano Glenn
Nobody Speaks For Me - N. Seifer, Ed.
*Race, Gender and Work - T. Amott/J. Matthaei
Pornography and Silence - Griffin

6. Chicano History, General

*A Documentary History of The Mexican-Americans - W. Moquin, Ed.
Occupied America - Acuña
Chicanos in a Changing Society – Camarillo
Twice a Minority: Mexican American Women – Melville, Ed.
Race and Class in the Southwest - Barrera

B. The American Revolution

*America's Revolutionary Heritage (sections) - George Novack
*A People's History of The United States (sections) - H. Zinn
*An Economic Interpretation of The Constitution - Charles & Mary Beard
*The American Revolution - H. Aptheker
*The American Revolution - Alfred Young
Class Conflict, Slavery and the U.S. Constitution - S. Lynd
Early Years of The Republic - H. Aptheker
Republican Religion: The American Revolution and The Cult of Reason - G. Koch

C. Pre-1860

1. General Overviews

*Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men - E. Foner
Race and Politics - J. Rawley

2. Slavery and African-American History

Herbert Aptheker:
*American Negro Slave Revolts
To Be Free
Nat Turner's Rebellion
Eugene Genovese:
*The Political Economy of Slavery
*From Rebellion to Revolution
*The World the Slaveowners Made
Slavery in the New World - w/L. Foner
*Roll, Jordan, Roll
In Red and Black
Ulrich Bonnell Phillips:
American Negro Slavery
Life and Labor in the Old South
The Slave Economy of the Old South - E. Genovese, Ed.

*Capitalism and Slavery - Williams
*North of Slavery - Leon Litwack
*How The Irish Became White – Ignatiev
*The Invention of the White Race, 2 Vols. – Allen
*Wages of Whiteness – Roediger
*The Rise and Fall of the White Republic – Saxon
Black Majority – P. Wood
The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas - Eltis
Slave Insurrections in the United States - J. C. Carroll
Black Rebellion - T. W. Higginson
Army Life in a Black Regiment - T. W. Higginson
Gentlemen of Property and Standing - Leonard Richards
The Rise and Fall of Black Slavery - C. D. Rice
The Slave Community - J. Blassingame
Black Odyssey: The African-American Ordeal in Slavery - N. Huggins
“This Species of Property”: Slave Life and Culture in the Old South - L. H. Owens
Hard Trials on My Way: Slaver and The Struggle Against It - J. A. Scott
The Negro on the Frontier - K. W. Porter
History of Black Americans: From Africa to the Emergence of the Cotton Kingdoms - P. Foner
Business and Slavery: The New York Merchants and The Irre[ressible Conflict - P. Foner
American Slavery: The Question of Resistance - Bracey, Ed.
The Peculiar Institution - Kenneth Stampp
Industrial Slavery in the Old South - R. Starobin
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - Brent
The Nat Turner Rebellion - Duff
Black Cargoes - Mannix/Cowley
Reckoning With Slavery - David, et al.
John Brown - W.E.B. DuBois
The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States - W. E. B. DuBois
*Within the Plantation Household - E. Fox-Genovese
*The Black Family Under Slavery and Freedom - Guttman
Colonists in Bondage - Smith
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Black Culture and Black Consciousness - L. Levine
The Religion of the Slaves - O. Alho
*Tobacco and Slaves – Kulikoff
*American Slavery, American Freedom - Morgan

3. Women's History

*Women Workers and the Industrial Revolution, 1750-1850 - Pinchbeck
The Origins of Modern Feminism In Britain, France and The United States, 1780-1860 - J. Kendall

D. Civil War and Reconstruction

1. General Overviews

*Marx On America and The Civil War
*On The Civil War in The U.S. - Marx/Engels

2. African-American History

*Black Power, U.S.A. - Lerone Bennett, Jr.
*Black Reconstruction in America, 1860-1880 - DuBois
*Reconstruction, 1867-1877 - Eric Foner
A Short History of Reconstruction - E. Foner
Reconstruction - Staughton Lynd
The Negro's Civil War - J. McPherson
The Era of Reconstruction - K. Stampp
The History of Black Americans: From the Compromise of 1850 to the End of the Civil War - P. Foner
Freedom Road - Fast
Beloved - Morrison

3. Organized Labor

Black Scare - Wood
History of the Labor Movement in the U.S., Vol. 1 - Phillip Foner
See Also: General American History

4. Women's History

Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in The U.S., 1848-1869 - E.C. DuBois

E. 1860-1890

1. General

Nature's Metropolis - Cronon
Race and Manifest Destiny - Horsman
The Emerging Order: God in The Age of Scarcity - Rifkin/Howard

2. Organized Labor

*History of The Labor Movement in The U.S., Vol. 2 - P. Foner
The Autobiographies of The Haymarket Martyrs - P. Foner
*The Great Rebellion of 1877 - P. Foner
Lucy Parsons: American Revolutionary - Ashbaugh
Beyond the Martyrs: A Social History of Chicago's Anarchists, 1870-1900 - Bruce C. Nelson
See General Labor History

3. African-American History

*The Strange Career of Jim Crow - C. Vann Woodward
*The Rise and Fall of The White Republic - Alexander Saxton
Collected Works of W.E.B. DuBois

4. Women's History

Woman and Labor - Olive Shreiner
The Rising of The Women - M. Tax

F. 1890-1918

1. General Overviews

*The Spanish-Cuban-American War and The Birth of American Imperialism, Vol. 1 & 2 - P. Foner
*The Populist Moment – Goodwyn
Wilson vs. Lenin: Political Origins of the New Diplomacy, 1914-1918 – Arno Mayer
Woodrow Wilson and World Politics – G. Levin

2. Organized Labor

*Autobiography of Big Bill Haywood
*Rebel Girl - Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
*The Socialist Party of America - Shannon
The I.W.W.: Its History, Structure And Methods - V. St. john
The Indispensable Enemy - Alexander Saxton
The Wobblies - Renshaw
We Shall Be All – Dubofsky
Red November, Black November - Salerno
Rebel Voices - Kornbluh
*The Autobiography of Mother Jones
*History of The Labor Movement in the U.S., Vol. 2-7 - P. Foner
Eugene V. Debs Speaks
Industrial Unionism - Trautmann
Direct Action and Sabotage - Trautmann
The Jungle - Upton Sinclair
Rivington Street

3. African-American History

The Souls Of Black Folks - DuBois
*Collected Works of W.E.B. DuBois
*Land of Hope - Grossman
Black Manhattan - James Weldon Johnson
*Race Relations in the Urban South - H. Rabinowitz

4. Women's History

*The Rising of The Women - Meredith Tax
The Ideas of The Woman Suffrage Movement - Aileen Kraditor

G. 1919-1920

1. Organized Labor

*Revolution in Seattle - O'Connor
The Seattle General Strike - Freidheim
*Labor in Crisis: The Steel Strike of 1919
Left, Right and Center - Sydney Lens
*History of The Labor Movement in The U.S., Vol. 8, 9 - P. Foner

2. African-American History

*Black Chicago - Allen Spear
*Race Riot - Tuttle
*Race Riot at East St. Louis - E. Rudwick

H. 1918-1941

1. General

*Class Struggle and the New Deal - R.F. Levine
*New Deal Thought - H. Zinn
The Bolshevik Revolution: Its Impact on American Radicals, Liberals and Labor - P. Foner, Ed.

2. Organized Labor

*The Lean Years - Bernstein
The Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti - Nicola Sacco, et al
All the Right Enemies: The Life and Murder of Carlo Tresca - Dorothy Gallagher
Sacco and Vanzetti
Pages From A Workers' Life - William Z. Foster
Labor Radical - Len Decaux
Steel Workers in America: The Non-Union Era - Brody
*Labor's Giant Step - Preis
Teamster Rebellion
Teamster Power
Teamster Politics
Teamster Bureaucracy

*The Depression of the Thirties - Anderson
*A Union Against Unions: The Minneapolis Citizens’ Alliance - Millikan
*Organize! – Mortimer
The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Lichtenstein
*Rank And File Rebellion - Lynd
*The Flint Sit-down Strike (Spark)
*A Black Worker in the Deep South - Hudson
*Hammer and Hoe - Kelley
*Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights - M. Honey
*Communists in Harlem During the Depression – Naison
*We Are All Leaders – Lynd, Ed.
Black Bolshevik - Haywood
American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw
*Mean Things Happening in this Land - Mitchell
Making A New Deal, Industrial Workers in Chicago 1919-39 - L. Cohen
Brother Bill McKie - Bonofsky
Harry Bridges - Larrowe
John L. Lewis - S. Alinsky
Black Detroit and The Rise of The U.A.W. - Meier/Rudwick
The Grapes of Wrath - Steinbeck*
In Dubious Battle - Steinbeck*
Yonandio from the Thirties - Olsen*
Studs Lonigan - Farrell
Storming Heaven - Giardina*
1919 - Dos Passos
The Big Money - " "
The 42nd Parallel - " "
Union Square - M. Tax

3. The Communist Party in the U.S.: 1918-1945

*The Roots of American Communism - Draper
*The First Ten Years of American Communism - Cannon
*James P. Cannon and the Early Years of American Communism, 1920-28
*American Communism and Soviet Russia - Draper
*The Heyday of American Communism - Klehr
The Romance of American Communism - Gornick
Communists in Harlem During The Great Depression - Naison
Hammer and Hoe - Kelley
A Black Worker in The Deep South - Hudson
American Trade Unionism - W.Z. Foster
New Studies in the Politics and Culture of U.S. Communism - Brown
History of The U.S. Labor Movement, Vol. 9 - P. Foner
Revolutionary Continuity: Birth of the Communist Movement - Dobbs
American Communism and Black Americans: A Documentary History, 2 Vols, 1919-1929 and 1930-1934 - P. Foner

4. Women's History

New Studies in the Politics and Culture of U.S. Communism (sections)
Revolt Against Chivalry - Hall

5. African-American History

*Marcus Garvey and The Vision of Africa - Clarke, Ed.
*Black Moses: The Story of Marcus Garvey - Cronon
Black Power and the Garvey Movement - T. Vincent
Land of Hope - Grossman
A New Deal For Blacks - Sitkoff
Negroes and The Great Depression - Wolters
Revolt Against Chivalry - Hall
Black Milwaukee - Trotter
Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights - M. Honey
*Hammer and Hoe - Kelley
Communists in Harlem During the Depression - Naison
*Fighting Racism in WWII - C.L.R. James
Communist Councilman from Harlem - B.J. Davis
The Negro in Depression and War - Sternsher
Race Relations in The Urban South - H. Rabinowitz
Black Boy - Wright
Native Son - " "
Uncle Tom's Children - " "
Invisible Man - Ellison
Blues For Mister Charlie - Baldwin
Jazz - Morrison
My Soul's High Song, Collected Writings of Countee Cullen

I. World War II

1. General Overviews

See: General Works on American History
*The SWP in World War II - Cannon
*Fighting Racism in WWII - C.L.R. James

2. Organized Labor

*Wartime strikes - Martin Glaberman
*Labor's Giant Step (sections) - Art Preis
*Labor's War At Home - Lichtenstein
*American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw
*Wages and Profits in Wartime (Labor Research Assoc.)
The Politics of War - G. Kolko

Gone To Soldiers - Marge Piercy

J. The Cold War and McCarthyism

*Free World Colossus - Horowitz
*Corporations and The Cold War - Williams
*The Intellectuals And McCarthy - Rogin
*Invitation To An Inquest - Schneir
*Cold War and Counterrevolution - Walton
*The Truman Era - Stone
*The Haunted Fifties - Stone
The Cruel Peace - F. Inglis
Empire and Revolution - D. Horowitz
Lives in the Balance - Nissani
Thirty Years of Treason - E. Bentley
Pax Americana - Steel
*American Communism in Crisis, 1943-1957 - Starobin
America, Russia and The Cold War - Lafeber

K. The Korean War

*Korea: The Unknown War - Cummings/Halliday
*The Hidden History of The Korean War - Stone

L. 1946-1971

1. General

The Socialist Register, 1967-1971
Coming Apart - O'Neill
In A Time of Torment - I.F. Stone
Intervention and Revolution - R. Barnet
Empire and Revolution - D. Horowitz
The End of Liberalism - Lowi
Lives in the Balance - Nissani
Growing Up Before Stonewall - Nardi/Sanders/Marmor

2. Organized Labor

*Labor's Giant Step (sections) - Preis
*Rank and File - Lynd
*An Injury to All – Moody
*Rise of the Workers’ Movements – Root and Branch
Prisoners of the American Dream - Davis
Rank and File Rebellion – LaBotz
The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Lichtenstein
*50 Years of the U.A.W. - Anderson
*UAW Politics in the Cold War Era - Martin Halpern
*American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw
*American Labor and U.S. Foreign Policy - Ronald Radosh
The Fight For Union Democracy in Steel (SWP)
Class Struggle Articles
The Politics of Plant Closings - Portz
Crystal Lee - Leiferman
Rivethead - Hamper
Red Baker - Ward
Table Money - Breslin
The Dollmaker - Arnow

3. African-American History

The Civil Rights Movement:
*Negroes with Guns - Williams
*My Soul is Rested - Raines
*Paul Robeson Speaks
But For Birmingham - G. Eskew
Coming of Age in Mississippi - Moody
Black Like Me - Griffin
*In Struggle: SNCC and The Black Awakening of The 1960's - Clayborn Carson
Why We March - Soul Brother No. 44
Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community - M.L. King
Free At Last? - Powledge
Freedom Summer - McAdam
Here I Stand - Paul Robeson

Black Nationalism and Black Power, 1960-71:
*Malcolm X:
Autobiography of Malcolm X
By Any Means Necessary
Last Speeches
The Final Speeches
Malcolm X Speaks
The Last Year of Malcolm X - G. Breitman

*Black Nationalism - Essien-Udom
*The Black Muslims in America - Lincoln
*The Black Panthers Speak - P. Foner, Ed.
Rebellion in Newark - Hayden
To Die For The People - Huey Newton
Revolutionary Suicide - Huey Newton
*Race, Reform and Rebellion, 1945-1984 - Marable
*Black Awakening in Capitalist America - Allen
*Die, Nigger, Die – Brown
The American Revolution – Boggs
Racism and the Class Struggle - Boggs
*James Forman:
The Making of Black Revolutionaries
Sammy Younge, Jr.
The Political Thought of James Forman
High Tide of Black Resistance

If They Come in The Morning - Angela Davis
*A Taste of Power - Elaine Brown
*From The Dead Level with Malcolm X - Jamaal
*The Autobiography of Angela Davis
On The Ideology of the Black Panther Party - E. Cleaver
Soul on Ice - Cleaver
Burn, Baby, Burn - Cohen/Murphy
Revolutionary Notes - J. Lester
*Detroit: I Do Mind Dying - Georgakas/Surkin
*Black Workers’ Struggles in Detroit’s Auto Industry – K. Fujita
*Class, Race and Worker Insurgency: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers - Geshwender
The Myth of Black Capitalism - E. Ofari
Black Macho and The Myth of The Superwoman - M. Wallace
*Black Power - Carmichael
*Seize the Time - Seale
Race Relations in The Urban South - H. Rabinowitz
In The Belly of The Beast - Abbott
The Autobiography of LeRoi Jones
*Blood in My Eye - Jackson
Attica: Report of The New York State Special Commission
Kerner Commission Report on Civil Disturbances
One Year Later (Kerner Commission)
Soledad Brother - Jackson
New Day in Babylon - W. Van Deburg
*If Beale Street Could Talk - Baldwin
Nobody Knows My Name - Baldwin
*Another Country - Baldwin
Tell Me How Long The Train's Been Gone - Baldwin
*The Fire Next Time - Baldwin

4. Women's History

*Personal Politics, The Roots of Women's Liberation in The Civil Rights Movement and The New Left - Sara Evans
Progressive Women in Conservative Times - S. Lynn

5. Native American History

Lakota Woman - M. Brave Bird

6. Gay and Lesbian History

Growing Up Before Stonewall – Nardi/Marmor/Sanders, Eds.

7.Chicano History

United We Win: The Rise and Fall of La Raza Unida Party – I. Garcia
*Youth, Identity, Power - C. Munoz, Jr
La Raza - S. Steiner
Chicanismo - Gonzalez

8. Class and Power

The Legislation of Morality - Duster
The President's Report on Occupational Health and Safety (1972)
Muscle and Blood - Scott
War at Home: Covert Action and What We Can Do About It - B. Glick
COINTELPRO: The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom - N. Blackstone
The Monopoly Makers - Nader Report
The Closed Enterprise System - Nader Report

M. The Vietnam War and The Anti-War Movement

Abuse of Power - Draper
*Fire in The Lake - Fitzgerald
*The Vietnam Wars - M. Young
*Vietnam: Anatomy of War - G. Kolko
*American Labor and The Indochina War - P. Foner
Vietnam - Karnow
*Out Now! - Halsted
*SDS - Sale
We Won't Go - A. Lynd
Everything We Had - Al Santoli
Bloods - W. Terry
In A Time of Torment - I.F. Stone
Working Class -
Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal - H. Zinn
Rethinking Camelot - N. Chomsky
Class Struggle Articles on Vietnam
Vida - Piercy
Born on The Fourth of July - Kovic
Going After Cacciato - O'Brien
If I Die in A Combat Zone - O'Brien
Paco's Story - Heineman
Zombie Jamboree - Merkin

N. 1971-Present

1. General

*Corruptions of Empire - Alexander Cockburn
*Prisoners of The American Dream - Mike Davis
*Discrimination: It's Economic Impact on Blacks, Women and Jews - Cherry
Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower - Blum
Derailing Democracy: The America The Media Don't Want You to See - McGowan
After The Cataclysm - N. Chomsky
*Manufacturing Consent - N. Chomsky
Towards a New Cold War - N. Chomsky
City of Quartz - M. Davis
*The Worst Years of Our Lives - B. Ehrenreich
Going To The Territory - R. Ellison
*Longer Hours, Fewer Jobs - M. Yates
Live in the Balance - Nissani
Freedom at Risk - Curry, Ed.
Western State Terrorism - A. George, Ed.
The Gang as an American Enterprise – Padillo
What's Behind The Attack On Politically Correct (International Socialist Organization)
The Socialist Register, 1971-199?

2. Women's History

*Caught in the Crisis – Amott
*Glass Ceilings and Bottomless Pits: Women's Work, Women's Poverty – R. Albelda/C. Tilly
*Backlash - Faludi
Ain't I A Woman - Bell Hooks
Woman's Body, Woman's Right - Linda Gordon
Sexual Harassment of Working Women - MacKinnon
My Enemy, My Love - Levine
White Women, Race Matters - Frankenberg
Subject Women - A. Oakley
Liberation Now!
The Rights of Women - Deller Ross/A. Barcher
The Past Is Before Us - Rowbotham
Nobody Speaks for Me - N. Seifer
Daring To Be Bad - Alice Echols
Women in the Global Factory - Fuentes/Ehrenreich
Against Our Will - Brownmiller
*The War Against Abortion Rights (Socialist Action)
Deals With the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot - P. Cleage

3. Organized Labor

*The State of Working America (Multiple Editions over the decades)
One Market Under God - T. Frank
The New Rank and File - Lynd/Lynd
No Sweat - A. Ross
Not Your Father's Labor Movement - Mort
*Trade Unions and Socialist Politics - J. Kelly
Lessons of The P-9 Strike (Socialist Action)
American Stalinism in Crisis (Socialist Action)
*Workers of The World Undermined - B. Sims
*American Labor and Consensus Capitalism, 1935-1990 - P. Renshaw
Hard-pressed in the Heartland: Hormel - Rachleff
On Strike At Hormel - Green
A Primer on American Labor law - Gould
See Class Struggle articles

4. Class and Power

Hacktivism – Electronic Disturbance Theatre
Digital Resistance – Critical Art Ensemble
Living on the Edge – Rank
The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations - Janet Thomas
Gloablization From Below: The Power of Solidarity - Brecher
Global Village or Global Pillage? - Brecher
Globalize This! The Battle Against the WTO - Danaher/Burbach, eds.
The WTO After Seattle - Jeffrey Schott
Whiteout – Cockburn/St. Claire
Five Days that Shook the World – Cockburn/St. Claire
Al Gore: A User’s Guide – Cockburn/St. Claire
*The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison - Reiman
*Wall Street: How It Works and For Whom - D. Henwood
Downsize This – M. Moore
Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire – C. Johnson
*The “Underclass” Debate – M. Katz
Triumph of the Market – E. S. Herman
Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprise – Butterfield
The Visible Poor – J. Blau
Corporate Crimes, Corporate Violence - Frank/Lynch
The Cigarette papers - Glantz/Stanton/et al
Corporate Violence: Injury and Death For Profit - Hills/Stuart/et al
Dangerous Premises: An Insider's View of OSHA - Lofgren
Corporate Crime and Violence - Mokhiber
How to Survive in America the poisoned - Regenstein
Toil and Toxics: Workplace Struggles and political Strategies for Occupational Health - Robinson
Capital Crimes - WinslowCriminology and Justice - Voigt/et al
Unnatural Causes: Three Leading Killer Diseases in America - Sondik
Retreat From Safety: Reagan's Attack on America's Health - Claybrook, et al.
Quality of Life in American Neighborhoods: Levels of Affluence, Toxic Waste, and Cancer Mortality in Residential Zip Code Areas - Gould
Serving the Few: Corporate Capitalism and the Bias of Government Policy - Greenberg
Industry and Influence in Federal Regulatory Agencies - Quirk
Legalize It? Debating American Drug policy - Trebach/Inciardi
The Heroin Solution - Trebach
Just Deserts for Corporate Criminals - Schlegel
Unequal Protection: Environmental Justice and Communities of Color - Bullard, ed.
Crime and the Politics of Hysteria - Anderson
Corporate Corruption - Clinard
S & L Hell - Day
Pipe Dream Blues: Racism and the War on Drugs - Lusane
Race and Criminal Justice - Lynch/Patterson
Corporate Crime - Pearce/Snider
Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans - Pizzo, et al.
Elite Deviance - Simon/Eitzen
Crimes in the Streets and Crimes in the Suites - Timmer/Eitzen
Death penalty Sentencing: Research Indicates pattern of Racial Discrimination - U.S. General Accounting Office Report
Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure - Baum
Power, Crime and Mystification - Box
Entertaining Crime - Fishman/Cavender
The Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice - Kappeler, Victor, et al.
Media, Crime and Criminal Justice: Images and Realities - Surette
Political Criminality - Turk
Crime Control as Industry - Christie
Making a Killing: The Business of Guns in America - Diaz
The Real War on Crime - Donziger, ed.
The Perpetual Prisoner Machine - Dyer
It's About Time: America's Imprisonment Binge - Irwin/Austin
Did Getting Tough on Crime Pay? - Lynch/Sabol
Land of Opportunity - Adler
The Mirage of Safety - Hunter
Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama – Danaher
Merchants of Misery – M. Hudson
The New Protectionism - Lang/Hines

5. African-American History

*Two Nations - A. Hacker
*Race, Class and Conservatism - T.D. Boston
The Political Economy of Racism - M.M. Leiman
*Adolph Reed, Jr.:
Class Notes
Stirrings in the Jug
W.E.B. DuBois and American Political Thought
The Jesse Jackson Phenomemon
*Manning Marable:
The Crisis of Color and Democracy : Essays on Race, Class and Power
Black Politics in Conservative America
Blackwater : Historical Studies in Race, Class Consciousness, and Revolution
Black Liberation in Conservative America

Ways With Words - Heath
The Economics of Racism, U.S.A. - V. Perlo
Racial Stratification in America - Geshwender
Confronting Authority - D. Bell
And We Are Not Saved - D. Bell
Out of Order - E. Cashmore/E. McLaughlin
Deals with the Devil and Other Reasons to Riot - P. Cleage
The State of Black America 1990 - National Urban League
Quiet Riots - Harris/Wilkins
Why Black People Shout - R. Wiley
What We Should Do Now - R. Wiley
Black Ice - Lorene Cary
Black Labor and The American Legal System - Hill

6. Chicano/Latino History

*Cutting For Sign - W. Langewiesche
*Huelga – Nelson
Anything But Mexican - Acuña
Cannery Women, Cannery Lives – V. Ruiz
Women’s Work and Chicano Families - Zavella
*Always Running - L. Rodruguez

7. Native American History

Ohitika Woman - M. Brave Bird

8. Gay and Lesbian History

Out of the Past – Miller
No Bath, But Plenty of Bubbles – Power