Vanguard (Vol. 2, No. 2, April 1935)

The April 1935 issue of Vanguard, an anarchist journal published out of New York, with articles by Sam Dolgoff, Erich Mühsam, Sidney Solomon, and Abe Bluestein.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on May 25, 2015


-The Paris Commune by S.X.


-An analysis of the Workers Party by S. Weiner (a.k.a. Sam Dolgoff)


-The dictatorship of the proletariat and the Soviet system by Erich Mühsam

-Excerpt from The Russian Revolution by Rosa Luxemburg

-A neglected task by S. Morrison (a.k.a. Sidney Solomon)

-Socialism redefined by S.X.

-The international movement: Spain, Argentina, USSR, Germany

-Review: The Black Pit (Theater Union), review by S.X.

-Review: Revolutionary Movement in Spain by M. Dashar, review by Abe Bluestein