War crimes in Vietnam - Bertrand Russell

war crimes in vietnam cover

A book-length critique of America's invasion of Vietnam, published in 1967, in which Russell appeals to Americans to protest the war effort.

Submitted by adri on January 27, 2023


Introduction: Background to the American involvement
1. The Press and Vietnam
2. War and Atrocity in Vietnam
3. Free World Barbarism
4. Danger in South-East Asia
5. The Cold War: A New Phase?
6. The Selection of Targets in China
7. The Labour Party's Foreign Policy
8. Peace Through Resistance to US Imperialism
9. The Only Honourable Policy
10. Broadcast on National Liberation Front Radio to American Soldiers
11. Speech to the National Conference of Solidarity
12. Appeal to the American Conscience
Postscript: The International War Crimes Tribunal [The Russell Tribunal]
Appendix by Ralph Schoenman: Report from North Vietnam