What is Anarchist Unionism?

"What is Anarchist Unionism?" is a 1980's folded leaflet/brochure issued by the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA). The leaflet / brochure were a mainstay for many years, primarily used by the New York / New Jersey Group. Additionally, the leaflet/brochure was sent to prospective new members as well (when the national office functions were in NY).

Submitted by syndicalist on August 6, 2016

The leaflet / brochure was an attempt (by this poster) to explain who WSA is in a simple and easy manner. The aim was to reach out to working people, be they organized or not.
The method and form of organization was left open on purpose. It has always been
WSA understands that working folks may choose different avenues and routes
of self organization. Our goal was to enhance the libertarian content and push the
process in a anarcho-syndicalist direction.


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