English language discussion bulletin #01

The english language discussion bulletin of the IWA for the year 1988. Courtesy of the WSA archives.

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Thanks for the posting.

Just as a point of clarification, the ELDB was a collaborative project of the Direct Action Movement (DAM), the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation (Australia, ASF) and the Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA). This was not issued by the IWA Secretariat. The aim was really to build closer relations, cooperation and solidarity between english speaking IWA Section's. As a side note, as much as the
CNT based IWA Secretariat tried to do bi-lingual bulletins, the english language translations were very rough and hard to read. The early 1990s German-based Secretariat was excellent with bi-lingual stuff. And they were really the first post WWII Secretariat who were fluent in english and spanish.


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Hey mate, thanks very much for posting all this WSA stuff, it's great!

With this one, I compressed the PDF using compress-PDF.co.uk, so if ever any PDFs are too big you can use a site like this as well. Also as it as a publication I added a parent article for the publication as a whole, as hopefully at some point we will be able to get more issues online (and if you have any more just go to the parent and click "add child page" to add more issues)


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Yeah, that was going to be my question about whether this was an official publication. As it isn't, this post's title is quite misleading. This should be re-titled as an English language bulletin of some IWA Sections, not of the IWA.