Wildcat strike at Royal Mail delivery office gets the goods

Staff at a London delivery office have taken unlawful strike action and won the reinstatement of a fellow worker.

Submitted by Django on June 10, 2011

Around 90 postal workers at the N1 sorting office took unofficial strike action yesterday in support of a longstanding worker suspended for “wilful delay of the mail”.

After three hours of strike action managers caved in and reinstated the worker. “It’s a complete victory,” said Mark Dolan, a senior CWU union rep in north London.

The Royal Mail saw more strike action today as engineers working for Royal Mail subsidiary Romec struck at mailcentres around the country. According to union officials, non-union staff refused to cross the picket at Warrington mailcentre.

The CWU-organised ballot saw 92% of members voting for strike action on a turnout of 75%. Further strikes are scheduled for Cardiff, Dorset and London on Monday,

The strike relates to imposed changes to shift patterns pushed through without consultation, and which have seen pay docked from workers for non-compliance.

Meanwhile, London postal workers have voted to strike in an official CWU ballot in a dispute arising from the closure of mailcentres in Vauxhall and Bow. Thus far, Royal Mail mangement have refused to rule out compulsory redundancies as a result of the closures. They are expected to result in over 500 job losses.

Postal workers voted four-to-one in favour of strike action. CWU divisional officer Martin Walsh said,  “London postal workers have sent a clear message to Royal Mail in this ballot that they will not be bullied or intimidated by the company.

“Royal Mail's closure plans are a clear threat of compulsory redundancy and this is completely unacceptable. In their race to push services to the bottom Royal Mail will eventually provoke a reaction wider than London.”



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By the way, I am pretty sure it was a delivery office, not what's normally referred to as a sorting office?


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That's excellent news!