Willful Disobedience - Wolfi Landstreicher

The collected writings of Wolfi Landstreicher's Willful Disobedience. Originally published as a zine from 1996 to 2006, Willful Disobedience was a continuously evolving provocation directed towards anarchists and fellow vagabonds to dig deeper into critical thought and joyous rebellion.

Submitted by dendrite303 on September 14, 2016

During the ten years of publication, Willful Disobedience wove together a web of ideas situation in the following threads: an anarchism based in Stirner-influenced egoism; an insurrectionary approach that sees individual insurrection to be as important as social insurrection; a non-primitivist critique of civilization that provides no program or model for a future society; explorations into a class analysis that rejects marxian categories, seeking to understand social relationships as they actually exist; insisting upon the need for anarchists to develop a coherent practice of theory capable of calling everything into question, including one's own ideas, and an anti-political perspective, critical of leftism, democracy, identity politics, and political correctitude.

Volume 1
Without Asking Permission
Steal Back Your Life
The Wild Dogs Howl
Belief: The Enemy of Thinking
Play Fiercely: Thoughts on Growing Up
Fear of Conflict
Technology: A Limit to Creativity
Volume 2
A Violent Proposition: Against the Weighted Chain of Morality
The Question of Organization
Politics or Life?
Individualism and Communism: The Aims of Anarchist Revolution
Technology and Class Struggle
Beyond Resistance
Some Ideas on Insurrectional Anarchist Organization
Instrumental Logic and Anarchist Principles
Biotechnology and the Digitalization of Life
The Economy of Disaster
On The Necessity of Social Struggle
The Fullness of Life Without Measure
A Question of Privilege
Thoughts on Alienation
Countering Institutions
Against Militarism: The State, Exploitation And War
Against Binary Thinking
On Dispossession and Individual Responsibility
Developing Relationships Of Affinity
Anti-Militarism And Social Insurrection
Against the Logic of Submission
Against the Logic of Submission
A Projectual Life
Free Love
Passionate Friendship
Beyond Feminism, Beyond Gender
Security Culture and Expansive Living
Revolt, Not Therapy
Neither Intellectualism Nor Stupidity
The Subversion of Existence
Volume 3
Plundering the Arsenal
The Refusal of Representation
Avoiding Moral Vanguardism
No Act of Revolt Is Futile
Against Compromise
Revolutionary Solidarity: An Insurrectionary Anarchist Perspective
On the Practice of Theory
On The Aims And Methods of Critique
On Being Who We Say We Are
Some Notes on Marxist Analysis: For Discussion and Debate Toward the Development of a Deeper Anarchist Social Analysis
The Network of Domination
The Power of the State
The Cost of Survival
From Proletarian To Individual: Toward An Anarchist Understanding of Class
Work: The Theft of Life
The Machinery of Control: A Critical Look at Technology
Property: The Enclosing Fences of Capital
Religion: When The Sacred Imprisons the Marvelous
A Family Affair
Why Do We All Live In Prison? Prison, Law and Social Control
Afterword: Destroy Civilization?
Volume 4
On Projectuality
For a World Absolutely Other
The Rising of the Barbarians: A Non-Primitivist Revolt Against Civilization
Complicity, Not Debt: An Anarchist Basis for Solidarity
Deciding For Oneself: Democracy, Consensus, Unanimity and Anarchist Practice
“Everything Must Go!”
Some Thoughts On Making A Total Critique
On the Mystical Basis of the “Neutrality” of Technology
Different Aims, Different Methods: On the Incompatibility of Reform and Revolution
On Sexual Poverty
Waiting for the Apocalypse: The Ideology of Collapse and the Avoidance of Revolutionary Responsibility
Against Renunciation: The Revolt Against Civilization Will Be Expansive Or It Will Not Be At All.
Volume 5
On the World In Which We Live
Cultural Appropriation: A Few Points For Discussion
The Myth of Progress and the Problem of Civilization(s)
On the Degradation of Language
And the Art of Listening
The Revolutionary Wager