Anarchism in America (Documentary)

Anarchism in America (Documentary)

A colourful and provocative survey of anarchism in America, the film attempts to dispel popular misconceptions and trace the historical development of the movement.

The documentary is the work of Emmy and Guggenheim Award-winning filmmakers, Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher. They take a road trip to map anarchism as a distinctly American tradition. Starting with the premise that Americans embody anarchist principles of freedom and independence, the filmmakers were not disappointed. Along with archival footage of luminaries like Emma Goldman, they introduce us to Mildred Loomis, 80 years old and sill advocating back to the land individualism; beat poet Kenneth Rexroth; science fiction author Ursula LeGuin; long-distance trucker Li'l John; punk rockers the Dead Kennedys and, among many others, AK Press author Murray Bookchin.

Anarchism in America - full documentary from Libcom Dot Org on Vimeo.

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working class s...
Mar 21 2012 18:32


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Sep 22 2012 14:57

Great movie

Sep 22 2012 20:24

I fucking love Bookchins bit.

Sep 22 2012 22:15


Sep 23 2012 01:32

My favorite part about this movie is how much better it makes me feel about contemporary anarchism.

Juan Conatz
Sep 23 2012 05:58

Yeah this movie is horrible as I remember it. A lot of time given to anarcho-capitalists and the bizarre libertarian left-libertarian right reapproachment stuff. Yuck.

princess mob
Sep 23 2012 06:31

yeah, 'Anarchism in America' isn't very favourable to anarchism or America, I reckon.

But the film its packaged with, 'Free Voice of Labour,' is my favourite anarchist film ever. Everyone should watch that one instead.

Sep 23 2012 12:04

Well of course it mentions ancaps and right wing "libertarians" but of course its going to, that is America's heritage as far as anarchism goes. It would be shit if it didn't. If your looking for a film about teh true anarkies from europe this quite clearly not going to be your bag. And also, it has Emma Goldman and Bookchin in it, come on, its not all bad. Personally, I found Bookchins bit very inspiring, I had never heard Marx criticized like that and I can definitely see what he is saying.

Sep 23 2012 12:41

they are not part of americas heritage of anarchism, they are part of americas heritage of right wingers co-opting left wing and libertarian words and imagery.

Comrade Motopu
Sep 23 2012 12:51

It has Rexroth in it, reading a poem about Sacco and Vanzetti. If you want a good cross-section of American radicalism, bohemianism, from Wobblies, strikes, and soapboxing brigades, to snake oil salesmen, cowboys, and brothels, read his _An Autobiographical Novel_. It tells an engaging story of a life lived mainly before the advent of television and hyper-commercialism.

Juan Conatz
Sep 24 2012 06:05
the croydonian anarchist wrote:
Well of course it mentions ancaps and right wing "libertarians" but of course its going to, that is America's heritage as far as anarchism goes.

That's absolutely ridiculous. First of all, that shit isn't anarchism, plain and simple. Second, the Italian insurrectionaries are America's heritage of anarchism if anything was up to that point.

Sep 24 2012 12:35

Like it or not, American Anarchism seems to of started with it and evolved from it with them as their starting point. Also how are Italian insurrectionaries part of American anarchist heritage ?

Sep 24 2012 13:10

thats just completely wrong, "anarcho" capitalism are right wing "libertarianism" are both recent developments, starting i think in the 70's by people with no conection to the anarchist movement.

American anarchism was started by immigrants from Europe in the late 19 early 20th century. with a significant tendency favouring the use of bombs an assassinations.