Design a new logo for libcom

Farewell, old logo

We're nearly ready to roll out the long-awaited site redesign. The finishing touch is a new site logo graphic.

We have some ideas, but we know some of our thousands of users are talented graphic designers. Therefore we thought we'd throw this open to libcom user submissions, and we'll then pick our favourite as the new site logo/header. Libcom doesn't make any profit, has no commercial adverts and is entirely funded out of the admins subs and user donations.


The specifications are: on the site it should be no more than 221 x 51 pixels, preferably including red and black colours and a star or variant - but perhaps that's just our lack of imagination so this isn't a hard-and fast requirement. Submissions preferably in high-res png or svg format. Easiest thing to do is to upload somewhere (e.g. and link below.

The deadline for this is Sunday April 22, and we aim to pick a new logo and launch the redesign on May 1 if all goes to plan.

New theme in public testing

To help designing a new logo, or for plain curiosity, the new theme is also now available for public testing. Registered users can switch it on by going to my account > edit and selecting 'nosotros' under 'theme configuration'.

There are some known bugs, but please use this thread in the feedback forum to let us know any problems, suggestions etc, and we'll fix as many as we can before the launch.

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Mar 27 2012 17:06


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Mar 27 2012 17:12

The new theme is great!

Mar 27 2012 17:57

Thanks, glad you like it. There are quite a lot of issues with it (see the thread linked to above) but we still think it is a massive improvement on the existing theme.

Just to say that one user has knocked up a new logo already:

Mar 27 2012 18:48

That logo looks ace

Mar 27 2012 20:58

i really like that. just riffing on that, i wondered what it'd look like with the star as the dot.

i'm not convinced, but putting it out there.

Chilli Sauce
Mar 27 2012 23:04

Sorry Snipfool, but I like the first one comrade (although I had the exact same idea).

So who designed that first one you posted up Steven? My money's on Harrison....

working class s...
Mar 27 2012 23:51

I am going to be boring and say really like the existing one.

Mar 28 2012 00:01

I like current design... it's simple. I hope you don't wanna make something to modern with to many blinking stuff.

Mar 28 2012 00:09

Just in case you guys are going with the logo shown above, why not make the "lib" black and the "com" red? The "org" can be yellow for our anarcho-capitalist comrades...totally serious about that last part...totally...
beard <---Serious face.

Mar 28 2012 00:09

The red and black star seems intrusive in both logos, why not ejust have the red and black without the star?


Rob Ray
Mar 28 2012 00:19

jef costello
Mar 28 2012 03:51

I think the first one is good but the letters should alternately flash black and red and that the star should spin around.

Mar 28 2012 08:14

I think it's about time we expanded the site's name to make it more obvious what it means.

working class s...
Mar 28 2012 09:25

like this

Mar 28 2012 09:54

the new theme is a big improvement in terms of navigation, but still feels a bit wonky and blog default-y. but then again, i don't know if a really 'tight' design would actually turn off some people because of looking too 'corporate.'
also, as someone who (tries) to make a living from graphic design. i would make it clear in your contest that does not make any money from the site (which I'm assuming is the case), so that the logo contest isn't perceived as another instance of free labour in exchange for prestige/experience/a good opportunity/CV/etc., that graphic designers and other creative workers are subjected to all the time.

Mar 28 2012 10:19

That is correct, we don't make profit from the site, we are all volunteers ourselves, we can edit that in.

Mar 28 2012 13:17

cool! sorry, didn't mean to wag my finger there, just thought it would be good to include. that said, here is a suggestion.

Mar 28 2012 13:21

That last one is sharp.

Rob Ray
Mar 28 2012 17:26

(bottom bit is playing around with icons)

Armchair Anarchist
Mar 28 2012 18:51

Like the first logo*, also the new theme is good but the CSS needs a fair bit of tweaking. Would it be helpful to list the glitches, or is this something you're aware of and working on...?

*edit - agree with jolesmo's point about the star though

Mar 28 2012 19:03
build_and_withdraw wrote:
cool! sorry, didn't mean to wag my finger there, just thought it would be good to include. that said, here is a suggestion.

I can't see that image, can other people?

Armchair Anarchist
Mar 28 2012 19:05

Half of them seem to have disappeared

Mar 28 2012 19:22

Hey armchair, there is a separate thread in the feedback forum for people to raise issues/comments with the theme, so mentioning them there would be really helpful

Mar 28 2012 23:07

Libcom Logo

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Mar 29 2012 20:52


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Mar 29 2012 20:54

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