Happy birthday! SII turns one today

It all began with a discussion, which then turned into a manifesto, before becoming a website.

After one year, Struggles in Italy is a small, transnational community of workers, students and researchers living in different parts of the world. Our limitations have been many, and so have the struggles we would have liked to discuss in more depth but we couldn’t. However, we’ve also achieved an important result: we started to build something useful, a small window from which those outside of Italy could look into this strange and often misunderstood place. But we didn’t open that window in order to show a cleaned-up image of Italy, free of old and funny prejudices. What we wanted to show is a reality made of people struggling to free themselves from their economic and cultural chains, and to get rid of all the poisons that have been poured into this land, both literally and metaphorically. We hope we’ve offered some glimpses into this reality over the past year.
But we want to do more and we want to do it better. That’s why you should join us.

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Oct 15 2012 12:14


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Oct 15 2012 12:42

Congratulations guys!

We are really grateful for all your hard work.

Just a thought, do you know the people who do the Italy Calling blog on libcom? I'm not sure if you guys have different political perspectives, but maybe you could work together, as sometimes there is some duplication with your coverage which you could avoid to save time.

Anyway, look forward to another year of great coverage of class struggle in Italy!

Chilli Sauce
Oct 15 2012 13:47


Oct 26 2012 14:14

Sorry Steven, we're a bit in a rush lately.
Anyway, we do know Italy Calling and we didn't have any clash in terms of political views. We did however had a couple of emails saying "we should unite energies", but stop. Maybe it's a good idea to start working together.

@Chilli Sauce: thank you very much!