Jacob Rees-Mogg MP wants to sack strikers

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP wants to sack strikers

That chinless fucking 'hooray' Jacob Rees-Mogg has called on the Prime Minister to sack public sector strikers.

I feel like I have gone back two hundred years in time, or that I have just watched a clip of Alan B’stard in the New Statesman on a ridiculous right wing rant. Unfortunately I have experienced neither. It is a Conservative politician in 2011.

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has made a statement in parliament about yesterday’s strike. He first praised the patriotic strike breakers, and then suggested to the prime minister that he should take “robust action” and “sack all the border agency staff” who went on strike, Just as Ronald Reagan did with 11,000 air traffic control staff in 1981. Reagan subsequently banned all of them from working for the government for life.

It is astounding that a vile, chinless fucking parasite like Rees-Mogg has a place in politics at all. Who the fuck votes for someone who goes on an election campaign in a Bentley and with his childhood nanny assisting him? I shudder to think who his constituents are.

Here are a few other pearls of wisdom from Rees-Mogg:

"I therefore go back to my point, which the hon. Member for Newport West (Paul Flynn) dislikes, that the Queen pays an 85% tax rate. There would be £200 million or more in income for the Queen every year, but in fact there will be only about £30 million. So Her Majesty is the highest-paying taxpayer in this country. Members of Parliament might like to think that we could do a deal with the Government, hand over our salary and be given £9,000 a year back."

“Our constitutional settlement, which works extraordinarily well and has worked well for hundreds of years, is worth paying for. On that basis, we get stability as a nation and the effective operation of our constitutional system. The judges owe loyalty to the Crown; the military owe loyalty to the Crown; we, as Members of Parliament, swear an oath to the Crown. It is the Crown that is at the pinnacle of our constitution, outside and above politics and a defender of our liberties. Indeed, as Charles I said at the scaffold, he died the martyr of the people, because he had been defending the liberties of the people, as the Queen has done now for jolly nearly 60 years. We must be willing to pay the right price for our constitutional settlement, and I think that should be a generous price."
“Mr Peter Wentworth, a man who represented a Cornish seat and had the temerity to criticise the then sovereign, Elizabeth I. He said that “none is without fault, no, not our noble Queen. He was taken prisoner to the Tower of London and held there for a month at the insistence of the House of Commons. I must say that I think they knew how to behave in 1575, and it is a model for us today."

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Dec 2 2011 00:29


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Dec 2 2011 01:16

says it all

Dec 2 2011 05:39

I wish they showed more of the interview. I love watching politicians scramble and backtrack when they've fucked up.

Sometimes conservative politicians are refreshing in their honesty. At least they don't even pretend to be on the side of the working class.

Dec 2 2011 15:19

Is he related to that Tory runt Quentin Rees Mogg?He was the archetypal "Hang the Poor" land robbing parasite.A classic inbred Dalek embittered by hate of the poor.This idiot looks like a caricature!

Dec 2 2011 15:25

If people's lives are geared towards managing people as parts of an assembly line, their opinions come out like this. A few hundred thousand poor will be destitute but they don't own much property and they don't vote conservative so fuck 'em.

He looks like a horrible little cunt too, I'm sure he hasn't ever had sex for free either.

Rob Ray
Dec 2 2011 16:15

Oh I dunno, if he's ever been to Africa I'm sure he could have gotten the wink from a giraffe or two.

Is he related to that Tory runt Quentin Rees Mogg?

He's definitely related to that other Tory runt William Rees Mogg (former Times editor).

Dec 2 2011 16:18

Isn't this the guy who canvassed a council estate in a bently with his nanny?