Sacked Remploy workers occupy the company head office

Earlier today a group of sacked Remploy workers occupied the companies head offices in Leicester

Submitted by working class … on August 23, 2012

A spokesperson for the group said that:

“Today, ex Remploy employees who were casually sacked last week, are occupying Remploy's head office, Remploy House, 18c Meridian East, Meridian Business Park, Leicester LE19 1WZ demanding to see a Director to try to get answers to questions that have so far remained unanswered.

This is the start of a fresh initiative by the trade unions who have called a strike at Chesterfield and Springburn, two of the factories that are due to be sold off. Five days of strike action will start at 6am on Monday 3 September 2012 and conclude at 6am on Monday 10 September 2012.

We are asking the public to support our members who are trying to find out who they will be working for as no information about the sale of these two factories has been given to the employees or the trade unions.”

The occupation lasted four hours - ending when the workers were given a promise by the disabilities minister – Maria Miller, that there would be discussions with the government over plans to wind down Remploy.

By the end of the year, more than half of Remploy’s 54 sites are set to close, which will result in the loss of over 1,700 jobs. Following the last round of jobs cuts at Remploy two years ago, 85% of the workers are still unemployed.



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This is awesome. Anybody make it down there?