Liverpool workers ‘locked out’ by bosses occupy factory

Striking workers in Liverpool have been locked out of their factory in a dispute over redundancies. In response, they have occupied the factory. The occupation has been temporarily suspended as their initial demands have been met. It is apparently the first 'lock out' of workers by bosses in Britain since 1958

Submitted by working class … on February 18, 2012

Around 140 workers at Mayr-Melnhof packaging in Liverpool have been on strike over the past week in response to management attacking their terms and conditions, and planned job cuts.

There have been three planned strikes since the 10th February, with more planned over the coming weeks. The company plant to make 49 people redundant.

Unite have been negotiating with the management, and have agreed to changes in terms and conditions in return for reducing redundancies to 37. Further discussions around redundancy terms and selection criteria have broken down.

Following the breakdown in negotiations, management has ‘locked out’ the workers. It has been suggested that this is the first time that there has been a lock out in since 1958 in the print industry.

Earlier today, 40 locked out workers entered the factory and advised management that nothing would be coming in or out of the site until they agreed to an emergency meeting with union representatives.

Within the last few hours the bosses have agreed to meet union officials, and the occupation has been suspended. The workers have stated that the lock out must end, or there will be further action taken, possibly this evening.

Unite national officer, Ian Tonks said: “We are really disappointed with how MMP management chose to handle the situation. Forty-nine loyal staff, many long-serving, are being made redundant and they deserve better.

Unite has called for a mass protest on Monday outside the plant in Bootle, Liverpool. At 10am.

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Good luck to these guys, thanks for sharing. According to their website (where their slogan is 'shaping the world of cartons'!?!) they have on other uk location, in north Wales at Deeside, Clwyd, CH5 2NR, Fourth Avenue, Deeside Industrial Park if anyone is interested.


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good luck