Locked out workers on Merseyside to demonstrate outside conference

Locked out food workers on Merseyside are on their way to London to protest outside a major food industry conference.

Submitted by working class … on March 15, 2012

Locked out workers staged a demonstration earlier in the week at the tranfood plant on Merseyside. The demonstration was arranged to coincide with a meeting between the bosses and trade unions.

At the last minute, the bosses re-arranged the location to f the meeting to avoid seeing the workers that they are in the process of fucking over.

As over 100 workers arrived at the factory gates they found several police officers and privately hired security guards who prevented workers from entering the premises.

One of the union negotiators said:

“They rang me late last night to tell me the meeting was still going ahead but they were changing the venue. They said that if I contacted them in the morning they would disclose the new venue. They are cowards. This is a legitimate protest by people who just want answers. People have had no information at all since they were locked out last Monday”

Workers at the plant are today on their way down to London to demonstrate outside a major food industry conference (Ethical Trade Initiative Forum). The Tranfood plant is owned by Tulip Ltd who supply cooked meat products to Tesco.

Tulip decided to close down the plant on Merseyside after just 38 days of ownership and switch all production to a plant in Cornwall. The Bosses have reneged on their initial redundancy offer and will now only pay the statutory minimum amount.

Workers arrived at Work last Monday to find themselves locked out by the bosses.

Contact Tulip and(or) the Ethical Trade Initiative and let them know what you think –
[email protected]
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