Poitiers becomes opposition HQ before day of action

For the last few days hundreds of student repesentatives have been debating CPE, and how best to oppose it.

Submitted by alibi on March 13, 2006

Debates began on Saturday morning in a lecture theater at the university of Poitiers (Vienna). This fourth national coordination of the students mobilised against the CPE became a veritable marathon of speeches and votes, continued straight through to 5 o'clock on Sunday morning.

On Tuesday, further student-led demonstrations take place around France.


-In Caen, the struggle intensifies, it is reported on Paris Indymedia. The buildings blocked by 800 students. "Two new buildings were blocked by the mobilized students who are increasingly numerous. The principal buildings of campus 1 all are blocked."

-In Paris, the College de France is said to have been occupied by around sixty students earlier this evening.

-Also in Paris, approximately 1000 students of the universities PARIS VI and PARIS VII (Campus of Jussieu) hold as a General meeting, voting to join the demonstrations of tomorrow afternoon.

-A website is launched to help coordination.

-Plans are made for an occupation of Nanterre in protest at the Rectors decision to temportarily shut the university during this turbulent period.