Account of a General Assembly in Redon

An account of the decisions made by the students at the occupied university in Redon.

Submitted by jef costello on April 2, 2006

In French Schools and universities a General Assembly (AG) is called when students are dissatisfied. The attendance is usually high. The students will be asked to vote upon potential action to be taken. The date of the next AG is usually decided upon at an AG. This is a translation of the report issued by the students in Redon folowing their most recent AG.

Thursday 30 March
After an hour of lessons students were called to a vote on the continuation of the movement. We thank the teachers (including the sports teachers who allowed us to meet in their room) and the school management for allowing us an hour to carry out this key democratic vote.

The vote took place in the Sports Hall at 9am, a democratic vote which cannot be contested (leaving aside an unexpected intervention which may have influenced people against the blockade)

The students were asked to vote yes or no in response to two questions.

- Should the blockade continue
- Should other actions be taken in Redon

727 students were present at the vote, with 206 absent.

The results were as follow:

Continuation of the blockade: For 64.9%; against 34%; blank or spoiled papers 1.1%.

Other actions in Redon: For 77.3%; against 15.1%; blank or spoiled papers 7.6%

Report translated from the website of the Redon Students' collective