Living the Dream whilst fighting for your #righttothecity

Living the Dream whilst fighting for your #righttothecity

In this episode of Living the Dream (a podcast from The Word From Struggle Street a collaborative anti-capitalist blog from Brisbane) Jon (@jonpiccini) , (@DrNatOsborne) and Max talk about #righttothecity, Left populism and city elections

In a special episode of Living The Dream, Max and Natalie (@DrNatOsborne) join Jon (@JonPiccini) to discuss radical happenings in Brisbane of late. We talk about the election of Jonathon Sri in the Brisbane City Council elections of last year, why Brisbane is experiencing such a strong wave of ‘right to the city’ activism and how these two interconnect. Musings on the interconnections between social movements and elections, the global and the local and culture and politics abound.

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South Brisbane Greens -
Right to the City Brisbane -
tactical urbanism -
Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance -
Jonathon Sri, Councillor for the Gabba -
Henri Lefebvre -

Music by the Mouldy Lovers - which was the painfully obvious choice.

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