Police fortify positions around the Sorbonne

We understand that police have chosen to defend their positions around the Sorbonne University on the left bank of Paris.

Submitted by alibi on March 17, 2006

We believe this strategy is designed to draw those inclined to the riot towards the Sorbonne- to ensure that it becomes the epicentre of the struggle between the state and the French youth & students.

Information from Indymedia Paris:

Sorbonne barricaded: Police have reinforced barricades around the Sorbonne today, the Sorbonne is now entirely barricaded behind fixed anti-riot barriers. Place de la Sorbonne is thus completely inaccessible. Water cannons are laid out just behind, and many reinforcements of CRS and GM are deployed all around the building. There are also the police and RG everywhere in the district. At 1pm there was also a small gathering of those opposed to student blockades and strikes. The authoer of the information comments "Unfortunately, these cretins did not understand that today it is not students strikers who block the Sorbonne, it is the police force!"

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