New evidence emerges on injured demonstrator Cyril Ferez

New photos have emerged of Police dragging the injured demonstrator Cyril Ferez, who now lies in a coma, around 50 minutes before being found unconscious in the Place de la Nation.

Submitted by alibi on March 22, 2006

They can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses have spoken of seeing a man believed to be postal worker Ferez being beaten by CRS shortly before he was discovered. Here is a rough translation for of an article from France2.

Cyril Ferez: Testimonies of police violence
Three witnesses, including two photographers, present at the time of the incidents at the Place de la Nation on Saturday evening where a trade unionist was seriously wounded, have told the AFP (a French press agency) of the scenes that they saw at the time of the intervention of the police force.

An independent photographer has said he saw CRS riot police carrying out blows, a photographer of the Agency France Press has told that the police took a long time in calling first aid, and a teacher, who filmed the charge of the CRS, confirms the time taken to get help for the victim.

The Belgian photographer Bruno Stevens, who had been "on the central reservation of the Place de la Nation", explained on Monday that he saw the police force "chase a man". "Five or six caught up with him and immediately struck him without reservation with truncheons despite the fleeing man never adopting a threatening attitude towards them", he reported, remembering "an extremely violent blow to the head, on the right eye-level" then blows "on the ground".

On Monday, he was was sure that the man was Cyril Ferez. On Tuesday, Bruno Stevens estimated to have "a reasonable doubt" on the exact identity of the bludgeoned man. It is "possible", according to him, that the target of the blows was a second man, located at exactly the same place and the same moment.

"I saw a man who was chased, hit, then beaten on the ground within a compact group of CRS. And when they left, I saw, at the exact place of this scene, an inanimate body which was not there before.", he explained to the AFP. He specified that on arrival of the helps, the victim had taken again conscience.

Another photographer, Thomas Coex of the AFP, "arrived after, with other photographers". "I saw a man on the ground, unconscious. I saw that he was breathing but when I spoke to him, he did not answer. He was bleeding from the head. I though, this has the serious air about it".

"All around, there are member of the CRS riot police. I caught them, and I said to them: Il have a seriously injured guy here, call some help. One answers us: I am not here for that, get out of my way, I have other things to do", according to Thomas Coex, remarks that Bruno Stevens and a third photographer confirms to have heard.

"I then saw the CRS, who moved back towards us. I stood up and said to them: Watch out, you will walk over him. I made a barrier to protect it, I asked them again to call for first aid. Five minutes after, a group of CRS arrived, leans above and deals with him", tells Thomas Coex.

A teacher, Alain Bessaha, who filmed the scene, tells that, Saturday towards 19h45, on the central reservation, he saw CRS charging the demonstrators who were throwing bottles of glass at them. At this time, Cyril Ferez lay flat on the ground, still, without moving, he explained.

His footage shows a group of ten CRS. It shows a truncheon which rises, then a body, that of Cyril Ferez, trampled voluntarily or involuntarily by a CRS. In spite of the requests of journalists, the group of CRS which charged goes from there without helping the casualty, according to Alain Bessaha. Then four or five other CRS arrive. One of them says that he is "rescuer" and will deal with the victim.

For Alain Bessaha, it was necessary to await at least fifteen minutes for the first aid crew to arrive. "With the CRS rescuer, we covered the casualty with clothing", he reports. "He had a very swollen face, an enormous bruise around his right eye, blood in the mouth. He was unconscious, and did not speak immediately. Then Cyril Ferez began to say his name, that he was a sud-PTT member."

The CGT trade union believes that the government and the Prime Minister "take a heavy responsibility" in the events during which a trade unionist of Sud-PTT was wounded.

The Parti Socialist Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, said that "the conditions under which a trade unionist of Sud-PTT was seriously injured at the time of the demonstration of Saturday require, without delay, the clear explanations of the Minister of Interior Department [Nicolas Sarkozy]".