Union: Police refused to call first aid

Cyril Ferez before being trampled by CRS
Cyril Ferez before being trampled by CRS

Press release from the trade union Sud-PTT about the police's actions towards an anti-CPE postal worker they put in a coma.

Submitted by alibi on March 20, 2006

During the demonstrations of March 18 calling for the withdrawal of the CPE, in Paris, Cyrile Ferez,a member of the Sud-PTT, the postal and telecommunications authorities trade union, was violently trampled by a group of police at the Place de la Nation.

He was hospitalized on Saturday evening and we have just learned that he is in a coma. His condition is considered to be very serious and he is currently in intensive care. Throughout this affair, the attitude of the police has been scandalous. Not only with their violent behaviour at the time of the demonstration, but with their refusal to call for medical help, as Cyrile lay on the ground, obviously seriously injured.
It was the demonstrators who had to seek medical help for Cyrile. Sud-PTT demand that the attitude of the police must be brought to the attention of the public, as must the complicit behaviour of the government. Sud-PTT denounce in the strongest terms the police violence which has occurred once again at this immense demonstration against the CPE.
This shows more than ever the CPE must be withdrawn, the government must yield. The whole of Sud-PTT federation is deeply shocked and is determined to give all its support to Cyrile to his family and close relations.
Released, Monday March 20th 2006 at 3.30pm