5 April: CPE protests updates

Latest news from the anti-CPE struggle from across France from Wednesday 5 April including blockades of businesses and roads.

Submitted by alibi on April 5, 2006

-The police force have opened the Gustave Eiffel High School, in Gagny, by force

-A hundred anti-CPE demonstrators, including the Revolutionary Communist League figurehead and postal worker Olivier Besancenot, blocked the postal sorting office in Nanterre earlier today

-tf1 report that students in Montpellier have emptied the local UMP offices

-Several demonstrators challenged in the station of Bordeaux at the time of an anti-CPE demonstration

-17 young people challenged Tuesday evening at the time of incidents after an anti-CPE demonstration condemned to writing an essay

-The UMP does not intend "to bury the CPE", affirms the Villepin ally, deputy George Tron

-Trains blocked in La Roche-sur-Yon, after a general assembly of high school students.

-The 12 trade unions engaged in the fight against the CPE ask for the law to be repealed before April 17th

-The students trade union UNEF calls for the "intensification of the mobilization" against CPE in the universities

-Anti-CPE protesters block access to two sorting offices of the Post office in Toulouse

update form our contact near Toulouse:

At 5 am, two postal senting offices located at Lardenne et Lalande, two Toulouse districts, were blocked this Wednesday, the 5th april, by school, university students and workers. The postal trade union, Sud-PTT, gave its support to this action. According to Associated Press, demonstrators will stay mobilised for further actions at private firms which are reputed to provide precarious jobs.

-600 anti-CPE demonstrators have been blocking access to the Market of National Interest since 05h15 in Nantes

-Australia advises its nationals to avoid journeys to France

-Anti-CPE youths block the principle access roads in Poitiers and a road axis in Rennes

-The twelve trade unions of employees, students and high-school pupils all require the withdrawal of the CPE

-between 250 and 300 high-school pupils block a commercial zone in Nimes

-high school and universitiy students in Lannion have blocked access to a business park since 6.30am