39 year-old trade unionist in a coma

A trade unionist of the South-Postal and Telecommunications Authorities trade union (Sud-PTT), a 39 year old, was left in a coma following clashes with police.

Submitted by alibi on March 20, 2006

The worker was wounded on Saturday at the end of the anti-CPE demonstration at the Places de la Nation in Paris.

The forecast of the doctors "is serious". The trade union announced, Monday March 20, confirming a rumour that began on Sunday but that neither the authorities nor the trade union had confirmed. While the prefecture of police force announced the opening of an investigation of the General Inspection of the Services (IGS, "the police force of the police forces"), a Sud-PTT spokesperson confirmed that "at the time of the manifestation of March 18 for the withdrawal of the CPE, a member of Sud-PTT was violently trampled by a load of the police force ".

The trade union denounces a "particularly scandalous" attitude from the police force which, according to him, "refused to give first aid".

This article is a slightly edited rough translation from an early Le Monde report.