Video of injured demonstrator as new information emerges

Video footage now released shows trade unionist Cyril Ferez lying injured before being helped by journalists and fellow demonstrators.

Submitted by alibi on March 20, 2006

Rough translation for of an article from Le Figaro:

Hospitalized in Créteil, the trade unionist suffers from a severe cranial traumatism. According to the Sud-PTT trade union, he "would have been trampled by a load of CRS", at the end of the demonstration of Saturday, at the Place de la Nation.

The 'police force of the police forces' has opened an investigation. Since the beginning of this movement, it had requested from the CRS to be "examples of reserve, cold blood and strict respect of duty".

The news was made public only Monday afternoon. Admitted on Sunday in the neurosurgical reanimation department at the 'Hospital Henri-Mondor de Créteil', having been forwarded by the Hospital Saint-Anthony', Cyril, 39 years old, is currently "in a coma".

He suffers from a "severe cranial traumatism with intracerebral traumatic lesions". An employee of the company telecommunications company Orange, Cyril took part in the anti-CPE demonstration, Saturday in Paris. According to the prefecture of police force, he was "wounded on Saturday evening in the area of the Place de la Nation, at the time of the trouble after the demonstration".

Sud-PTT points responsibility towards the police officers: "He had sat on the central reservation, before being trampled by a load of CRS. In this affair, the attitude of the police force has been particularly scandalous, they indeed refused to call first-aid as Cyril lay on the ground in an obviously serious state". Sud-PTT said that "there were young people who called the emergency services, more than fifteen minutes after he was trampled".

Sandra Demarcq, member of the federal council of Sud-PTT, affirms to have attended the scene: "One saw a member of Sud-PTT on the ground, the burst face, balloons in the place of the eyes, his nose bloodied. He was on his side, he practically did not move, he was too ill to speak ".

Contacted by, the entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy indicated that the Minister of Interior Department "will not speak as he will not have all the information yet".